Apr 082014

Nice article regarding the TCT Rally at “River’s End Campground & RV Park”



Tin Can Tourists Converge on River’s End Campground

A typical Tin Can Tourists vintage RV.

A typical Tin Can Tourists vintage RV.

Nostalgia will permeate River’s End Campground & RV Park the weekend of April 25-27 when approximately 100 vintage RVs from across the East Coast will converge here.

Members of the Tin Can Touristsassociation have booked virtually the entire campground for the weekend but will open their units to the public following that morning’s Tybee Turtle Trot. (See last week’s blog for the Trot details.)

This is the largest rally since the city of Tybee acquired River’s End Campground nearly eight years ago and likely the largest in the campground’s long history, according to Kim Fickes, the campground’s social media supervisor.Tin Can Tourists logo

The public will be invited to view the vintage RVs from 11:30 to 4 on Saturday, April 26. The admission fee is $5 per adult and $3 per child with the proceeds going to the Turtle rescue effort.

The association will hand out awards for the best in four categories: the best vintage RV by era (pre 1959, 1960-1969 and post-1969), best display, fan favorite and the tin can challenge trailer sign. Fifth percent of the sign must be composed of tin cans, food drink or other metal.

So, even if you’re not camping at River’s End Campground for the weekend, you can still stop in, get a close-up view of these classic RVs and help a worthy cause.

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River’s End Campground & RV Park is located in the heart of the island and is a good place to visit during the Turtle Trot and the Tin Can Tourist rally. So, visithttp://youtu.be/6eGelXscGpg to watch the current video about our park. And be sure to visit our blog each week where you will learn more about our unique park. For more information, please visit our website at www.riversendcampground.com or call (800) 786-1016.

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Mar 242014

By Hunt Jones

We have great news at long last for those of you who have been searching for Agreed Value Physical Damage for your vintage rv/trailer! That’s right…Agreed Value! Not “Actual Cash Value” (ACV), which means virtually nothing regardless of the amount you see on your policy’s Declarations Page, and not “Stated Value,” which is open to considerable interpretation by a claims examiner in case of damage, but Agreed Value, the amount you and an appraiser determine what your rig is worth before you actually receive coverage. This means you have full coverage for that amount should you incur a total loss. We have been searching for an insurance company/broker who is willing to write this type of coverage for 15 years! If you think you’re covered now for Agreed Value Physical Damage, please read your RV policy. I would bet the coverage is ACV, and the Actual Cash Value is zero for a vintage rig because unlike antique automobiles, there are no books to determine what your old rig is worth. A few may have Stated Value which is what you believe it may be worth, but not necessarily your carrier, as that amount is open to interpretation.

FCIS (Farm and City Insurance Services) in Forest City Iowa is an insurance agency/broker licensed to write a policy with Agreed Value Physical Damage and other important coverage’s for your vintage rig. Policies are written through four major carriers in all states except Massachusetts and Hawaii. The all-important Physical Damage (Comprehensive and Collision) is Agreed Value. Other important elective coverage’s for vintage rigs include Vacation Insurance (for Open House to cover bodily injury for liability for the public when your trailer is unhitched), Personal Effects, Towing and Labor, and Extra Expense for lodging when your trailer/rv is laid up while on the road. Further options are also available, and a list of more applicable coverage’s can be chosen for Vintage “Full Timing” where the rig is used as a primary residence. An entire package is offered for vintage motor homes too.

The premium for these coverage’s is surprisingly reasonable.

To qualify, you will need to call 1-800-331-1520 and let the menu direct you to the correct department to answer some questions for an application. Or, you can go to FCIS’s website rvadvantage.com for a quote. Either route will subsequently require photos of all four sides of your rig plus the interior. You will also need a typed appraisal on letterhead from a trailer/rv restoration specialist or ask FCIS for a certified appraiser in your area/state.
This is a rare opportunity for all of us. Take advantage of it through www.rvadvantage.com!

Vintage RV Restoration Shops/Appraisers

This list is the first compilation of those vintage rv restoration shops/services or vintage rv appraisers personally recommended by those responding to our recent request. Appraisals are required to qualify for the Agreed Value Physical Damage Insurance
program through the FCIS Agency. As more referrals are received, we will add them and forward to FCIS. FCIS also uses an outsourced appraisal service in most states.

  • Hindley’s Garage (Ken Hindley) Union, Ontario 519-631-1055 shop
  • Heintz Design Vintage Trailer restoration (Tim) Panama City FL 1-850-632-4246
  • Colin Hyde Trailer Restorations Plattsburgh NY (518) 578-7772.
  • CanAm RV (Andy Thompson) London, Ontario 1-866-226-2678
  • Retro Restoration (Larry Hill) Canon City CO 303-746-3189
  • Blue Moon Caravans, Missoula MT 406-212-3672
  • James Polk (appraiser), Ojai, CA 805-646-7293
  • Woodland Travel Center (Craig) Grand Rapids MI 1-800-968-8688
  • Doug Rowbottom, St Paul’s, Ontario 519-313-5078

Special thanks to Hunt Jones for his tireless work on informing TCT members concerning important insurance issues regarding vintage trailers and vehicles.

Neither Hunt or TCT is receiving any financial remuneration for our work with the insurance companies. They may be asked to support TCT through a banner ad at the site or by sponsoring the North American Vintage Trailer and Motor Coach Concours.
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Mar 122014

Tin Can Tourists has been very fortunate to have Hunt Jones serve TCT by writing informative articles regarding vintage trailer insurance coverage.

Hunt has an article in the upcoming spring edition of Tin Can Tales containing a step by step process to obtain an Agreed Value policy.

The information requested below is extremely important to TCT and those wishing to purchase such coverage. Competent appraisals are extremely important to the success of this insurance program.

The Vintage RV Insurance Project

We have excellent news to be released shortly concerning Agreed Value Physical Damage for your vintage trailer or motorhome.  This is a long awaited, much researched and requested type of coverage that has eluded us for decades.  Available from some insurance carriers for antique automobiles and trucks, it has not been offered for vintage recreational vehicles until now.  It is truly Agreed Value, not Actual Cash Value, and not Stated Value, but full coverage for the very amount as indicated on the appraisal document.  This means no arguments, no dickering, no third party umpire for either Comprehensive or Collision coverage should your rig suffer a total loss in an accident, fire, or tree/building collapse, etc.  The agency that is brokering this policy through four different insurance companies does require a written appraisal on business letterhead as well as interior and exterior photos.  The appraisal can be from an established RV restoration shop as well as those from certified appraisers the agency outsources.  The outsourced appraisal service is primarily for antique cars and trucks, though some have experience with vintage RV’s.  We want to augment that system with appraisals from business people in our own hobby, those who are familiar with restoration, maintenance, and vintage RV resale prices.  This list will be shared with the agency.  What we need from you is a personal recommendation of these vintage rv service businesses (not a listing of those found on-line or in print) and whether the owners are willing to perform an appraisal, for a fee of course, at their place of business or where the vintage rig is stored/parked or somewhere in between.  As the list grows and is shared, the comfort factor for us and the agency/insurance companies will increase, and the value of our rigs will be confirmed.

Please send the names/addresses of your referrals as soon as possible.  We want to take immediate advantage of this great opportunity.

Email the referrals to Forrest Bone tincantourists@gmail.com Copy Hunt Jones athhcjones@att.net

We will be working together to compile a complete list of recommended appraisal companies.

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Mar 042014

We are working with the Harley-Davidson museum on setting up a trailer display for one of their events this summer. If you are interested in participating, please send an email to webmaster@tincantourists.com and provide your name, address, make/model of your trailer/RV. They are looking for units in the 1960s and earlier to go with the era of the bikes that will be featured. We will have a selection process to ensure that we have a good variety of eras, makes, and sizes to display.

Here is the email we received that outlines some of the event details and we are working on making sure that the trailer participants will have some benefits of participation – food and potentially other benefits…

In follow up to our phone tag I wanted to get you the details on our inquiry about working with your Tin Can Tourist organization.  As explained to Dan Piper, the Harley-Davidson Museum is showcasing an temporary exhibit this summer around the American Road theme and vintage travel such as your group’s campers are a perfect tie.  As our curator Jim Fricke reached out regarding the exhibit I am inquiring if your local chapter would be interested in showcasing their equipment/assets at our ‘Wild Ones Weekend’ Event.  The event is all weekend July 10-12however the main day of activity is Saturday July 12th from 9am-5pm.  Would anyone in your organization be interested in setting up a ‘Tin Can’ Camper display outside for a few hours in promotion of your organization? We have a crowd of up to approx. 1,000-2,000 people throughout campus (based on past attendance figures) that are looking to celebrate all things vintage.


H-D Museum Wild Ones Weekend

Date: Saturday, July 12th

Event Time: 9am-5pm

Location: Harley-Davidson Museum (400 W Canal Street, Milwaukee WI 53203)

7.12.14 Saturday Sample Schedule of Events…

9:00 AM                               Vintage Bike Show Check-In / Museum / Shop / Cafe Racer Open

10:00 AM                             Concessions Open

11:00 AM                             Stunt Show #1 on Seeboth Street

12:00 PM                             Best Westerns on Main Stage (tentative)

1:00 PM                                Stunt Show #2 on Seeboth Street

1:30 PM                                Motorcycle Field Games on South Lawn

3:00 PM                                Vintage Bike Show Awards / Field Games Awards / Raffle Tickets Announced on Main Stage

3:30 PM                                Jp Cyr & His Radio Wranglers (tentative)

*Other vintage displays throughout the day on South 5th Street and in the Grass Space. 

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Mar 042014

Hello!  I thought you and your club members and/or website followers would be interested in this:

Flippin’ RVs
 is a new television show about the incredible world of vintage and collectible travel trailers.  Featuring Justin and Anna Scribner from Flyte Camp Vintage Trailer Restoration in Bend, Oregon, Flippin’ R
 follows our trailer-obsessed husband and wife team around the country as they seek out rare trailers, and then hangs out in their custom shop as they meticulously restore some of these beauties to better-than-new condition.  Welcome to the ultimate world of vintage homes on wheels – this is Flippin’ RVs.
Premieres Wednesday night, March 5th on Great American Country (GAC) at 8:00PMwith a reairing at 10:00PM.




Rebecca C.S. Varga
16135 Roscoe Blvd
North Hills, CA 91343
818-333-3714 Direct Line
818-487-2713 Fax
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Feb 232014

Tin Can Tourists’ 2014 Winter Convention

February 23rd 2014

Brooksville, FL – Panama City, FL

I woke up quite early this morning, probably a bit anxious to get on the road and head home, hoping to have no trouble on the way home unlike on our trip down. I started to pack up most of our outdoor items, including all my parts and the golf cart onto the utility trailer that we pull behind the motorhome. At 8am I headed over to the pavilion were we were having breakfast. A few of the members pulled out quite early this morning, but most everyone else was still around. We got to stand around and talk and say our good byes. Every Rally seems to go by so fast, never long enough but it helps knowing the next rally will be just as fun!

By about 10 am we were all set to head out towards home. My parents would be following us in their little truck and I would be driving the Motorhome with the trailer in tow. The motorhome drove great with all new tires!! A few hours down the road I noticed my parents were not behind us anymore, so I slowed down a bit to see if they would catch back up to us. About the time I was getting concerned I noticed my cell phone was on silent and there were several missed calls.  I turned the cell phone back up at the same time it rang again, my mother was calling to let me know they had a front tire coming apart on the front of the truck and had pulled off the Interstate about 30 miles back! They had found a tire center and were going to get the front two tires replaced just to be safe. They told us to continue on as it would take us another 45 minutes to get back to them and by then they should be back on the road. So we continued on home running into hard rain not far up I-75. The rain continued all the way up I-75 and by the time we made it to I-10 it was starting to rain pretty heavy. We pulled over at a rest area not long after getting on I-10 and discovered it was getting cold outside; I even had to change from shorts to jeans. We continued down to interstate making taking our exit towards Panama City. By 4 pm we were pulling in at home and at the same time my parents called to tell us it took forever to get the tires changed and they were still about 4 hours behind us at this point. They finally got home around 8pm.

What a trip! No matter what kind of travel trouble I have, I am always looking forward to the next Tin Can Tourists Rally!!!!


Tim Heintz

Tin Can Tourists Southeastern Representative

1995 Fleetwood Flair

Feb 222014

Tin Can Tourists’ 2014 Winter Convention

February 22nd 2014

Brooksville, FL

Woke up this morning to a few dark clouds and a heavy fog, but there was the promise of clearing skies and warm weather to come quickly. I made my way over to the pavilion where we all had donuts/pastries and coffee for breakfast.  Soon after most of us headed back to our trailers to get ready for the open house, as I headed back to set up the rest of my parts for sale since I did not bring a vintage trailer to the winter convention this year.

Before the dark clouds cleared out we did have a very short light rain, just long enough to get everything a little wet, but thankfully the sun came out and dried most of it up rather quickly. The flow of visitors was a good steady flow, and not too busy allowing for an easy day. I sold quite a bit of parts as well as antique accessories to go with vintage trailers.

I missed not having one of my vintage trailers with me, but it was nice to bring modern once and being able to enjoy the rally and walk around seeing all the trailers on display. (Pictures can be viewed at http://www.flickr.com/photos/tbone2/sets/72157641453933663/ ) The weather throughout the day was great and the sun was out for most of the day. We had a lot of visitors who had recently purchased vintage trailers and can’t wait to get involved with the Tin Can Tourists and start using their ‘new’ trailers.

Around 1pm we called to see if there was a tire shop that would come out to change the last two tires that needed to be replaced on the Motorhome. There was only one tire shop located in Dade City and could not make it out, but said if the motorhome could be driven there by 130 they could get the last two tires replaced. So my parents loaded up the motorhome and headed to Dade City while I stayed behind with all the parts I had for sale. They were only gone for about an hour before returning with the two new tires installed on the motorhome. Now we will be driving home on all new tires!!!

By 5 pm the open house was over and it was time for dinner which was a great BBQ dinner supplied by the Youth Ranches volunteers. When dinner was over I showed the TV Episode of Extreme RVs from the Travel Channel that featured our shop ‘Heintz Designs Vintage Trailer Restorations’ (www.HeintzDesigns.com) since the featured restored trailer was in attendance at the Winter Convention. It was a gold colored 1957 Airfloat Landyacht Coach.  After the Extreme RVs they showed the movie ‘The Long Long Trailer’, many people came out to see the movie. I decided to walk around a bit and see if there were any groups gathered around a campfire as I had already seen the movie a few hundred times! I found a group gathered at Harvey’s 1970 WilliamsCraft Trailer and we sat around and talked trailers for a few hours before it was well past 10 pm so we all decided to head to bed as we were all pulling out in the morning.

Tim Heintz

Tin Can Tourists Southeastern Representative

1995 Fleetwood Flair

Feb 212014

Tin Can Tourists’ 2014 Winter Convention

February 21st 2014

Brooksville, FL

I slept very well last night after such a long day of travel and roadside tire problem on the way down. The rest of the family slept in, but I went ahead and got up for breakfast at the pavilion to see everyone who was still wondering if I had made it to the campground last night. Everyone was happy to see that we finally arrived in one piece last night. Breakfast was supplied by the youth ranch volunteers and it was great to have a big warm breakfast.

After breakfast we had a memorial service for John ‘Canner’ Culp, who had passed away earlier this year. John was the last of the true Tin Can Tourists having attended the original TCT Rallies in the 1930’s and 1940’s with his parents. John also lived full time in a 1947 Westcraft Trailer that he bought brand new with his father in 1947. John pulled it all over the US well into his 80’s when he finally retired from the road about 4 years ago and parked the trailer in central FL to live in.John Culp with his 1947 WestCraft

After the service we had the rest of the day to do whatever we wanted to do. I was happy to spend most of the day walking around and talking to everyone at the rally. Many of the TCTers at the event I had not seen in at least a year or more. We had some really great trailers attend this year, although many of our Airstream Friends were drawn away from our winter convention with an Airstream Rally in FL the same weekend, but we still had a good supply of vintage Airstreams at the event.

I eventually made it back to my rig and started to unpack all of the vintage parts I had packed to bring down with me to sell at the rally. I had four large tubs full of parts that I still needed to go through, price and layout on the utility trailer. I had also brought a lot of antiques for vintage trailers such as coffee pots, dishes, and even vintage clothing. Even sold a few items early as I was unpacking.

At 6 pm it was time for a pot luck dinner with chicken provided; there was a ton of side dishes including some awesome deserts.  When dinner was over we had a band providing a great selection of music. There was quite a bit of dancing as well with a couple of surprise fire dances from one of our fellow TCTers!!!! The music lasted well into the night, until we all could not stay up any longer and finally headed in for the night. Been a great day and can’t wait until tomorrow!


Tim Heintz

Tin Can Tourists Southeastern Representative

1995 Fleetwood Flair