Mar 052015

Tim Heintz

Panama City, Florida
TCT Southeastern Representative

What Trailer and tow vehicles do you own?

1949 Airfloat Landyacht 28′
1950 Spartanette Tandem 30′
1951 Lighthouse Duplex 28′ (TWO STORY)
1956 Hicks Mobiliner 28′
1958 Skyline Deluxe 45′
1959 Ellsworth 11′
1960 Manorette Proto-type 16′
1962 Yellowstone Cabover 16′
1968 Serro Scotty 13′
1967 Ford Mustang
1969 Pontiac Bonneville

Where did you find your trailer/tow vehicle?

I find them everywhere, local and 1,000+ miles away

When and who did the restoration?

I do all my own restorations and even own a professional vintage trailer restoration company.

What is unique or interesting about your trailer?

I prefer to mainly collect unique and/or rare (unheard of ) brands. My Airfloat is the exact same make, model, and year of the original trailer from the Long Long Trailer book,;my Spartanette is a rare special order from the factory model, the Lighthouse Duplex is a TWO STORY trailer with two private bedroom upstairs, and the Ellsworth is only one of two known to still exist.

What do you like about vintage trailers?

I like the history of the trailers, the unknown facts and information that most people never realize about certain brands, and the history of many companies that started out building things other than trailers.

Have you been to many rallies and what do you like about them?

I have been to many rallies across the country, they are a great way to meet and talk to others that are as passionate as I am about vintage trailers.

What clubs do you belong to?

Tin Can Tourists is the only Vintage Trailer Club I belong to.

Can you share an interesting bit of information that most people don’t know about yourself?

One of the most interesting fact about myself that most do not know, is just how young I am! Most people know me online or over the phone but when I attend a rally people even ask me to my face if Tim Heintz has arrived yet, or they see my trailer with my name in the window and will ask me if Tim is around; they think I am his son. Looking much younger than I am doesn’t help, but I am 31 year old I have a degree in architecture and have been restoring, researching, and acquiring vintage trailers for over 15 years! I am also the youngest member of the Tin Can Tourists’ Hall of Fame.

 How did you get involved with the TCT and what made you decide to become a rep?

I first found out about TCT from the internet many years ago. I attended the first Cedar Key Florida Rally not knowing what I was getting into. After arriving I knew it was the group for me….it was better than I ever expected and that I had finally found ‘my people’….I thought I was the only crazy one out there! It was only a short year later I was asked to be the SE Representative.

What is you favorite part of hosting a rally? What is your most memorable rally experience?

My favorite part of hosting a rally is finding great and unusual venues to hold TCT Rallies/exhibits. My most memorable would be an event I hosted around 2011 on the front lawn of the State of Florida’s Historical Capitol Building right in the center of downtown Tallahassee FL. We had to camp about 10 miles away and then arrive at the front gates of the Capitol around 5:30 am to meet with national security so they could escort us through the blockades and courtyards (where vehicles are not allowed) and then set up. It was the busiest open house I have ever seen…..every trailer had a line of people at the front doors 20-50 people deep…..ALL DAY from 10am -4pm!!!! 

What is unique about your region in terms of camping or the community?

Here in the SE we have some great areas to host rallies; mountains, white FL beaches, and some of the greatest state parks in the country. Plus we have very little snow concerns and can still host rallies in the southern part of the region all year long!

What future plans do you have for the region?

We are aggressively trying to schedule rallies in the southeastern states that have yet to establish one (LA, AL, VA, and MS). We are also hammering away at scheduling rallies here in the south during the summer months where tourists season can make it difficult to find a park/campground willing to reserve a large number of sites for one venue, they are under the assumption that it interferes with the other tourist’s reservations…..but we are working on that and making great progress!

Every rally host brings their own unique flavor to a rally, what is it that you bring?

I try to bring history to all my rallies, from TCT History to trailer history. Usually all the rallies I host I have custom window signs for all the trailers/owners that list their information as well as a short history on their particular make/model/and year of trailer. I like to share the history I have/know because many trailer owners find it difficult to find anything on their particular brand of trailer……I have a TON of information that I have been collecting for years!

How can members/participants help in your region or at rallies?

Members in the SE can help by hosting a get together in the states that do not currently have rallies. A gathering is quite simple as it only requires a little work….. no schedule, rally fees or cost…..just plan a date and a park and invite all TCTers in the area to come camp at the same time that you will be there.  Year by year it will grow in size  and before you know it, it will grow large enough to become an official TCT Rally. As always I am here to help along the way! 
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Feb 052015
state theater party 002state theater party 011
We want to share with the Tin Can Tourists   the unexpected fun we had with our 1973 Travco motor home in December. My husband decided to “exercise” the motor home  since the weather was still good (no snow yet). He was driving downtown South Bend, Ind., when he heard a tap on the window at a red light. The lady who is the coordinator for events at the State Theater stopped him to ask if he would park his motor home under the marquee at the theater all day on Saturday Dec 6th. They were having a showing of the movie National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. Our RV does not look like Cousin Eddie’s home but it is the same year. She offered us $25 and free tickets to the show if we would park under marquee from 11am – 9pm. There were events downtown including Santa’s arrival.  That night at the show some people dressed up like characters from the movie or worn ugly Christmas sweaters.  She put a picture of our motor home on the State Theater face book page. Our relatives in Florida and California saw it. We got several comments. Most common, paraphrasing Cousin Eddie, “Shitter’s full.” We had a really good time.
state theater party 005Diana and Larry Snyder


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Jan 252015

Tin Can Tourists’ 2015 Chautauqua Exhibit

January 25, 2015

DeFuniak Springs, FL

After a good nights’ rest, I was happy to awake to a much warmer and sunny morning! I fixed the coffee for the morning and set out all the donuts I had for the members out under my awning. All the other members started to get up and about ready for the last day of open house. The crowds were rather slow most of the morning, which is typical at the event every Sunday but with one last Civil War Re-enactment after lunch the crowds would start growing as that time grew near.

We took advantage of the slow time to induct our new TCT members, and we had quite a few first timers at this event!!!


By 10am things were really slowing down and since we had heard from a visitor yesterday about a real old trailer just down the road on some property for sale Tommy was ready to get out and go for a drive! So we jumped in the truck to try and find this ‘old’ trailer. We just knew it would likely end up a late 70’s or newer trailer just like so many other fruitless excursions. After driving a short distance there it was! A 1952 Royal Spartanette just off the road next to an old house that was falling in. There was a real estate sign right between the house and trailer. The trailer has likely seen the last of its pulling days but there are still some great pars on the exterior and it appears to have all the original pieces inside the trailer, although the rear bedroom and front living room is trashed the center kitchen and bathroom appeared to be all original through the window. We may just have to research the real estate agent to find out about parting this trailer out before it all ends up in a dumpster once the acreage sells.

h i

After driving around a little more and finding a few other trailers we decided to head back to our trailers. I decided it was finally time for me to fix my truck that was overheating all the way up to the event. I assumed it was a pretty simple fix of changing out the clutch fan…..since I already changed the water pump, radiator cap, water lines, and thermostat just this week! Changing the clutch fan was not as simple of a fix as I forgot to put my tool box in the truck. Tommy drove me around town to get the tools and the parts I needed to fix my truck. Thankfully with such a slow show day I was able to focus all my time on getting the truck fixed before the event was over this afternoon.

c d

About 4 hours later I was finally done with changing the clutch fan on the truck. Just in time to start packing up the trailer and getting ready to head home. Everyone was walking around and saying their good byes, and started to pack up and hooking up their trailers. We all had to hook up one at a time as the first in line would have to pull out before the next trailer could hook up. Thankfully everyone timed it just right and as one trailer would pull out the next was just ready to hook up and move forward. I was one of the last to hook up and just pulled forward a bit to wait for Jim and Donna to get hooked up and ready to pull out as we were going to follow each other as we live in the same town.


By 5pm we were ready to hit the road! I was in front and Jim and Donna were behind with their 1958 Yellowstone. As my luck would have it, my truck started to overheat AGAIN only about 15 miles down the road. I called Jim on his phone and told them to drive on, as I figured it was only the fact that there may have been air in the radiator and it would just need some more water put in it once it cooled down. So I pulled off the side of the road and waited for the truck to cool down a bit, added water to the radiator and hit the road once again. Another 10 miles down the road and here we go again! Thankfully this time I made it to a gas station, but as my luck goes there was no water hose or place to get water at the gas station. So I parked the truck and walked to all four corners in this little one red light town looking for water….nothing at the closed car wash, but there was a small gas station on the other corner with a long water hose out back. So I walked back to the truck which had cooled down enough to cross the street and pulled behind the gas station into the grass field. I filled the truck up with water as well as the extra jugs I had in the back of the truck and the onboard water tank in the trailer that was empty from this weekend’s camping. I felt much better having a full water tank on the trailer, there is very little between this last little town and home! Onward again! Once on the road I slowly watched the truck heat back up, made it about 12 miles and had to pull over, as I suspected in the middle of NOWHERE! Thankfully I had more than enough water to refill the radiator which was not really leaking water, just replacing what was boiling out/over flowing. By this time I realized it was going to take forever, so I called my father and told him to call a couple of our employees and get the other truck and head my way. I knew I could likely make it to the next town where there was a place I could park and have the guys take the trailer to our shop and my father and I could figure out a way to get the truck home. After making that call the truck was cool enough to hit the road again and I made it to the next little town of Bruce FL were the truck was overheating again and it was just starting to get dark, but I decided to make one more last ‘trip’ once the truck cooled down and I refilled it again I decided to drive the short 6 miles trip, over a long bridge to the little town of Ebro where there was a good size truck stop with plenty of lights and space to hook the trailer up to the other truck once they arrived. So ONE MORE TIME I hit the road and made it to the little town (more of a four way stop!) of Ebro FL. Finally I was a little over halfway home, so I parked the truck and went inside the truck stop to grab a bite to eat at the Subway store inside. By the time I finished eating the guys pulled in the truck stop. We looked at my truck for a while and could only determine that the radiator must be clogged enough to overheat the truck after running for about 10 miles. So we hooked up the trailer to the other truck and my father and I jumped into my truck to see if we could get it the rest of the 25 miles home. Amazingly luck was on our side and without the trailer in tow my truck made it all the way home without overheating, it did get warmer than it should, but not enough the actually over heat. I finally pulled into the driveway by 730 pm!!! WHAT A TRIP!

Tim Heintz

Tin Can Tourists’ Southeastern Representative

1953 Viking Coach

Jan 242015

Tin Can Tourists’ 2015 Chautauqua Exhibit

January 24, 2015

DeFuniak Springs, FL

Today is a promise of much a bit warmer weather, but awoke to 30 degrees when it was only forecasted to reach 38 so it is not looking good so far! I walked down to St Agatha’s Church once again for a hot breakfast and the rest of our group was not far behind me. We all enjoyed our hot to order breakfast in a warm setting. After breakfast it was time to head back to our trailers and get ready for the public to come tour our rigs. Thankfully the weather was starting to clear up a bit and the threat of rain was moving on out, but there was still a cool breeze going on making it feel a little cold if you were not right in the sun.

a b

There were many great vendors offering everything from drinks, BBQ, frontier cooked meals, Dutch oven cooked food, and of course more conventional stuff like deep fired Oreos, Twinkies, and Funnel Cakes!!!!


There were many more people out today to view the trailers, and we kept a steady flow throughout most the day. By lunch the crowds slacked a little but likely due to lunch time as well as the Civil War re-enactment that was scheduled across the lake. After lunch the crowds picked back up, especially since most people had to walk right by the trailers on their way back from the re-enactment.  Later in the day we were surprised by this great looking 1959 Ideal trailer that drove by to meet all the other TCT members and to see our trailers that were on display, of course we all wanted to see their trailer!




Finally by late afternoon the weather had warmed up a bit and all the hit or miss rain mist was over. After the event was over for the day we all gathered by the fire and had a fun telling all kinds of stories! I decided to hit he bed around 9pm as it had been a long day, but many of the other members sat around and used up the last of our large stock of fire wood well past 11pm!

Tim Heintz

Tin Can Tourists’ Southeastern Representative

1953 Viking Coach


Jan 232015

Tin Can Tourists’ 2015 Chautauqua Exhibit

January 23, 2015

DeFuniak Springs, FL

Woke up not long after midnight to the sound of rain on the roof of the trailer and it wasn’t long before it was really coming down hard! I looked outside to make sure the awning was still standing strong and after a quick leak check of all the windows and roof vent I jumped back into bed(thankfully no leaks! This is the first hard rain this trailer has ever seen since being restored so I was a little nervous). There is no better sound to sleep to than falling rain on the roof of a vintage trailer.

Around 4 am I woke up again as the rain was really coming down now! In fact the street all our trailers are set up on looked like a river when I took a look out the window. No strong winds or storms, just a hard strong rain or as a good friend calls ‘A Toad-Strangler’ (Google it). After one last leak check I decided to go back to sleep. Once again I awoke around 530am to the sound of my awning collapsing a little from all the heavy rain, seemed one of my stakes pulled up from the soaked ground and was allowing the awning to collect a lot of water. Thankfully the rain was slacking off a little so I put on my shoes and coat to head out and do battle with the rain and awning. Got the awning back up and slanted it quite a bit to allow the water to flow off. By now I was wide awake and decided to just stay up and get on the computer for a while since breakfast started at 7am.

As 7am approached I got dressed and headed down to St. Agatha’s Church who was cooking a hot made to order breakfast for all our members (will do it again tomorrow). They have 4 different choices that rival Cracker Barrel! I enjoyed the 2 eggs (poached) with 4 slices of Bacon, 4 pieces of Toast, a huge pile of home fries, and orange juice. Most of the other TCTers followed shortly behind me and we all enjoyed a hot breakfast together.

After Breakfast the weather was clearing up a little and we went back to our trailers to set up for the open house. Even with a light rain there were quite a few people out and about to tour the trailers. Most of the day was hit or miss with the rain and the crowds were pretty good for the weather and being a Friday. Later in the afternoon the weather started to get better and more people were out walking around. Tomorrow should be much better weather with Sun all day and clear skies.



At 5 pm we all headed over to Alex’s house just a few blocks away for a pizza party. Alex was a great hostess and gave us a tour/history of her 1938 home in the historic district as well as all the great personal artwork that she has done not forgetting the great art pieces from fellow TCTer John Murphy. After dinner we all gathered and had a gift exchange party which was a blast! Around 830 most of us headed back to our trailers to get a good nights rest for tomorrow. With much better weather forecasted tomorrow it is sure to be a very busy day.

Tim Heintz

Tin Can Tourists’ Southeastern Representative

1953 Viking Coach

Jan 232015

Tin Can Tourists’ 2015 Chautauqua Exhibit

January 22, 2015

DeFuniak Springs, FL

Once again time to hit the road for a TCT Rally, well more of a historical trailer display for the Defuniak Springs Florida Chautauqua Celebration. I woke up this morning a little later than most morning that I travel since the event is only about 45 miles away. So I headed down to my storage shop to pick up the trailer I plan to take, this time I will be bringing a 1953 Viking Coach to display. We will also have 7 other TCTers bringing their trailers as well.

I arrived at my shop around 9am and finished packing a few last minuet items in the trailer, hooked up the trailer, checked all the lights, washed the trailer, and filled the water tank. I was now ready to hit the road, but realized I forgot my coffee pot so I figured I would stop back by the house as it was on the way out of town. When I arrived back home I realized my truck was running a little hot, but not bad so I just checked the radiator and it was a little low, after filling it all the way up I headed out for the road once again.  I only made it about 20 miles north when the truck started to overheat again! Couldn’t figure out why this was happening…..I just changed the water pump as well as the thermostat just this week! Anyway the truck cooled down and I had two empty jugs in the back of the truck, took them back to the trailer and filled them with water from the trailers fresh water tank using the water to refill the radiator from the water that was lost from overheating.  Finally back on the road again!10928727_10152945372270901_1012860926_n

Another 15 or so miles the truck started to overheat again!!!! Pulled over at a truck stop hoping they would have some tools that I could buy/use to take the new thermostat out of the truck just to make it to the venue. No luck!!! So I waited for the truck to cool down again and used the trailers water tanks again to fill the radiator back up.  I was hoping to make it another 15 miles to the next town, as I pulled out I was passed at the cross intersection by a Jim and Donna pulling their 1958 Yellowstone (they were going to the same event) so as soon as the red light changed I tried to catch up with them, I figured Jim would have the tools I needed to fix my truck. For 10 miles I tried to call Jim on his cell phone, blew the horn right behind him, swerved over the line trying to get him to see me, flashed my lights, and even waving like an idiot with my hands out the window……but no luck, Jim and Donna were in their own world! I was forced to pull over again as the truck was overheating again!


AGAIN, pulled over, waited for the truck to cool down a bit, refilled the radiator from all the over flow that steamed out and back on the road. Looked like I was only going to get their 10 miles at a time! So once again I was limping along trying to keep the truck as cool as possible. Just my luck……ROAD CONSTRUCTION, with one lane closed on a two lane highway! At least it gave me a chance to sit for about 15 min never moving with the engine off….once traffic started moving again I cranked the truck and it had enough time to cool down quite a bit and I was finally able to make it to a large enough town with an automotive shop. I pulled in and went inside to buy the tools I needed to take the thermostat out of the truck, but of course I ended up making three trips inside the store buying all the parts and tools that I needed….next time I will remember to pack my tools, this is the first time I have ever forgot to pack the tools in the truck!

10949836_10152945372190901_1059215160_nFinally got the thermostat out and bought a new radiator cap just in case that was the problem as well.  Had to refill the radiator AGAIN, and back on the road hoping this was the last stop. Only 15 miles from the destination, surely I could make it no matter what…..WRONG! 10 miles down the road, same thing!!! No water was leaking out of the truck, just overheating and boiling over of water!!! I cannot figure it out!!! So once again on the side of the road, waited for the truck to cool, and refilling the radiator from the trailers water tank. I also took the radiator hoses off to make sure they were not blocked somehow!

Last leg, only 5 miles away, surely I could make it now! AGAIN, WRONG!!! 1 mile from the finally destination, as soon as I passed the Defuniak Springs City Limits Sign…. I saw what can only be described as Old Faithfull under my hood!!!!! WATER and STEAM everywhere…..pulled over at a gas station and opened the hood (for once the temperature on the truck was very low….all the water spraying on the engine cooled it down quickly) However it came from a broken water fitting on the engine. One last time I filled the radiator with water, knowing it would start coming out the broken fitting, but figured I had less than a mile and would take my chances in getting to the exhibit area just a few blocks away. I took it easy coasting to each red light and shutting the engine off when I reached enough speed to make it to the next red light / stop sign.   It worked and I made it to my final destination!!!!!!!

I backed the trailer into place, parked the truck and decided not to even bother with the truck until tomorrow.  I set up the trailer and helped get all the other trailers that arrived parked into place. So far today we have a 1965 Aristocrat Mainliner, 1958 Yellowstone, 1963 Shasta, 1953 Viking, 1965 Shasta Compact, 1948 Spartan Manor, and a 1966 Norris… more to come tomorrow, a 1952 Vagabond.


10943896_10152945372065901_2106868160_n 10941293_10152945372130901_439541719_n 10949807_10152945371955901_1157014828_n

At 5pm we had a small meet and greet and sat around the camp fire until 930pm. hopefully the weather tomorrow will not be too bad, it is forecasted to rain quite a bit tonight and most of the day tomorrow.  It has been a VERY long day and I am ready for a good night’s rest.

Tim Heintz

Tin Can Tourists’ Southeastern Representative

1953 Viking Coach


Jan 192015
Below is the “Call for Submissions” for the 2015-2016 TCT calendar to be printed.
Click on the images below for a larger view:
call_for_submissions  TCT_front_cover_2015-2016
Here is a PDF version of the call for submissions
Please submit your best vintage trailer photos for consideration in the 2015-2016 Tin Can Tourists Calendar.
The theme is “Home Sweet Home Away From Home”
This year just send me a couple of good exterior photos of your vintage trailer. If you have a vintage tow vehicle include a shot with the trailer and tow vehicle together as well. I will use one or the other depending on the composition.
This year you do not need any interior shots, no vintage owners manuals or fancy roadside attractions. Just a great shot of your treasure on wheels.  I am hoping this will encourage folks who have not entered before to send in pictures.
Last year’s calendar went fast and we have had a lot of requests for a copy after they were gone!
REQUIREMENTS: Your photo should be high resolution, original size and without people in the shot.
Please include your name, home address as well as the year and model of your rig.
Please e-mail me with any questions.
Send your photos to Michael Lambert at
We would like to get all submissions by the end of February this year.
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Dec 302014

Paul and Tracy Bridges, Fort Smith, Arkansas

We are new to Tin Can Tourists but I’ve been involved in trailering most of my pre-married life.  Tracy and I were married in 1981 and moved from California to Arkansas with my job.  When President Reagan fired the Air Traffic Controllers, I decided to apply and they sent us to Fort Smith where we’ve been ever since.  Since leaving the FAA I’ve been a Christian School administrator and a Pastor, and I am currently the Superintendent of Union Christian Academy in Fort Smith.  Tracy is a Certified Financial Planner.

Long Pool 1

We have a 1958 Rainbow that my grandfather purchased new.  I’ve chronicled the whole story on a blog,  My dad bought it from him in 1962 and I inherited the trailer from him, so in its lifetime the Rainbow has been towed with:

1958 Ford Custom 300 4-door

1959 Ford Country Sedan

1964 Ford Country Sedan

1971 Ford Country Sedan

Trailer01 crop Dave Neg 009

…And we tow it with my 1996 Ford F-250.  Sorry I broke the run of Country Sedan’s.  (By the way – you know the script – my grandfather and my dad always bought for utility, never for luxury. So the Country Sedan’s did just fine and there was no need for a ‘Country Squire’).


The trailer is all original and has not been restored.  Dad parked it on our property in southwest Utah in about 1977 under a covered roof, and that kept the trailer preserved in remarkable condition. I still haven’t been able to get the refrigerator working, but the heater, stove, and plumbing is all in great shape.

IMG_0024 IMG_0025 IMG_0005 Long Pool 3 IMG_0036 IMG_0029 IMG_0026

The interesting thing about this trailer, I think, is its history.  I’ve just not found a lot of enthusiasts that have been able to find and/or restore an antique or vintage classic that is the original family-owned relic.  And every once in awhile I will get a brief smell of “Utah” or “the trailer” that floods my mind with memories.

We’ve enjoyed the looks, the thumbs-up, the pictures that people take and the talks at gas stations that occasionally happen with towing a vintage trailer.  On the way home from Utah this summer at a gas stop – now remember, this trailer had not rolled in 35 years – a gentleman asked if he could look inside as he wanted to know who did the restoration work.  He couldn’t believe it when I said it was all original and had not been restored.  I could tell in his reminiscing that it brought back a lot of great memories for him. That’s what I enjoy about vintage trailers!

We have not attended any rallies with the trailer yet, as we are just getting it back on the road, and our membership is with Tin Can Tourists.  We are also members of the Fort Smith Antique Auto Club and I’ll be joining the Model T Ford Club of America soon as we also have a 1924 Model T.


In closing, we are excited about our new venture with a vintage trailer.  As we are approaching retirement, we’re beginning to plan some travels we want to make. We’ll be taking the Rainbow to Yellowstone in June and we’re beginning to plan a 48-state voyage in the new “tin can”.  Thanks for being so welcoming to TCT!

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Dec 292014

Meet Al Hesselbart, recently retired as Historian for the RV/MH Hall Of Fame and Museum.

I recently retired after 20 years as the historian for the museum, sold my Elkhart home of 35 years, and changed my home base to Florida.

My current RV, and now my home, is a 1978 custom made 35 foot Newell diesel pusher motor home, but in my 15 year history with TCT I have attended conventions and gatherings originally with a 1961 9×12 canvas tent that I purchased new, a 1962 Yellowbird folding tent trailer, and a1984 micro-mini 17 foot motor home.  I found my Newell sitting in a farm field near Ligonier, Indiana, with a “For Sale” sign in its window.  Its owner of 12 years had found a larger Newell and needed cash for restoration of his new one.  Recognizing Newell’s place in building the finest class A motor homes in the industry, I purchased it less than one hour after first laying eyes on it after a short test drive and reviewing its mechanical history.  My restoration consisted of a wash job and some cleaning inside.  I have made a few upgrades but it is mostly 1978 original.  It includes 2 AC units and 6 furnaces (3 propane and 3 electric) plus a heater in the water and storage bays below.  It has a 10,000 KW diesel generator which allows me to supply power to 2 or 3 units beside myself when needed.  The power plant is the original Cummins VT555 (triple nickel) V8 engine coupled to an Allison 5 speed automatic transmission that provides about 8 miles per gallon for the 30,000 pound apartment on wheels.  I have a 200 gallon fuel tank and 100 gallons of fresh water and 100 gallons of waste capacity.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIMG_0076+1 IMG_0069+1 IMG_0070+1 IMG_0071+1 IMG_0072+1 IMG_0073+1

My history with TCT began with assisting Forrest in researching the history of the Tin Canners at the Hall of Fame library.  I attended the 1999 Milford Gathering with Val Hunt, the curator of the Shelbourne Museum in Vermont and have missed very few since then.  I was very honored to be a 2007 inductee into the TCT Hall of Fame.

I have attended over 100 rallies and RV shows around the country for both vintage and modern rigs and varying in size from about 30 units to over 5,000.  From Idaho to New Mexico and from Maine to Florida I find that I enjoy mixing with RV people whether Canners or drivers of modern million dollar mobile mansions.   I was honored to be the keynote speaker in 2012 for the first national RV rally in Beijing, China (missed a Milford gathering for that one) and found Chinese RVers to be very much like American RVers in their open socialization even in spite of language barriers.  I had also been a speaker at an RV show in China in 2010.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Al's 62 tent Als 1961 yellowbird

What most people do not know about me is that I am an avid fisherman having fished bass tournaments from Canada to Florida and won 4 over-all season championships in my Michiana area fishing club.  I now spend much of my time participating in country music jam sessions 4 or 5 days a week throughout central Florida performing Tom T. Hall and Homer and Jethro type silly songs and recitations.

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