Nov 242009

Here is info about the trailer: Rare vintage Shasta camper/trailer painted vintage style. Painted by artist Teri Freeman. (rustycowboy2Painted like log cabin with sexy cowgirl, cactus, road signs, wheels, fence, etc.  The inside is western.  The stove is hooked up to propane. There is no heater. Water aquired with hose. Barnwood floor, lodgepole bed and amoire.

Ebay listing



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Nov 222009

Hi Forrest

I’d like to invite all TCT members to join us in Jackson Center Ohio, at the Airstream factory, for Alumapalooza 2010.  The dates are June 1-6.
sample-promotional-ad.jpgAlthough we expect the event to be attended largely by Airstream owners, all makes of trailers are welcome!  The program will include five days of seminars on a variety of topics, musical entertainment on three nights, a big outdoor barbecue, nightly movies, daily door prizes, and much more.  (Of course we’ll have those treasured elements of many good events: daily Happy Hours, Swap Meet, Open House, etc.)

Full information about the event can be found online at  Any member of TCT would be enthusiastically welcomed.  I believe that this will turn out to be one of the premiere trailerite events in the mid-west, thanks to the support of Airstream and the village of Jackson Center, so this is really an event that I strongly recommend to anyone who loves the trailer traveling life.

Let me know if you have any questions that aren’t answered on our website.

— Rich

Nov 192009

Wade F. B. Thompson, who revived the beloved Airstream brand of travel trailers and led a campaign to renovate the historic Park Avenue Armory in Manhattan, died on Nov. 12 at his home on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. He was 69.

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Nov 162009


Back in July, Kate Heber & John Byfield launched themselves and their vintage 22′ Airstream trailer on an Eco-Discovery Tour for an indefinite amount of time. Their trailer, a 1962 Flying Cloud named “Doris Mae,” is open for public display at eco-friendly events and shops all around the country.


After their 7 month renovation/reconstruction project, the interior of John & Kate’s Airstream is stunning. They cleverly mapped out everything in cardboard first before committing to build — adjusting here and there as they imagined their lives in the Airstream — creating an extremely personalized space.

This tiny traveling home has all the amenities including: solar electricity, composing toilet, low-flow sink and shower, low-VOC paint and finish, LED lighting, cork flooring, kirel board & bamboo cabinetry, natural linoleum countertop, even a natural wool mattress.

Check their blog for current updates and maps of their travels. Cheers and good luck to both of you!

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Nov 102009

We ask our readers for details on this 1962 vintage camper

Photo of Boler

A DISCOVERED TREASURE: There is little information available about this interesting find.—photos courtesy Sgt. Jason Brown

Sgt. Jason Brown of the United States Army sent us an e-mail and some pictures of the vintage camper he just purchased. We ask our readers to peruse the information and photos below, and see if you can help Sgt. Brown obtain more details about his find.

“I am looking for info on a small camper trailer I recently purchased. It is a 1962 CamPact. I have searched forums of vintage camper trailer owners and came up with nothing. I contacted the RV Heritage Museum and from the photos I sent them, they believe it is a Canadian-made unit. If you could help me with any info on this unit it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help in this matter.”

—Sgt. Jason Brown, US ARMY

If you have any information that could help, please e-mail Sgt. Brown at or phone 907-227-4858.

Photo of Boler

Photo of Boler

Photo of Boler

Photo of Boler

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Nov 062009

Pretty fabulous Scamp Makeover

The Wanderlusters are Stephanie and Taylor, formerly Houston residents, now full time wanderers. The couple purchased a 13′ fiberglass trailer (a 1977 Scamp) and renovated it, updating it to a more modern look. During their traveling life they have been spending their time re-prioritizing and deepening their relationships, and of course crocheting. You can read about it all on their blog. (via Design*Sponge)

all the pics on Flickr



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Nov 052009

A guide to pimping out a vintage travel trailer and going large on the coast of Baja.

It’s so simple to buy a cheap vintage travel trailer and experience a whole new way of living that I’m stunned more folks haven’t figured it out. Is it a big secret? Too intimidating? It is considered kooky? Well, if you’ve ever dreamed of ditching it all and heading south of the border, here’s a handy guide to get you started on the road to freedom.

This is a really good article and of course she closes with:

The best vintage trailers can be found at Tin Can Tourists.

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Nov 052009

The Sac Auto show has requested six vintage camper trailers for display at the show Nov. 13-15th at cal-expo.

If you would like to show one of your collection let me know ASAP. The trailers will be housed indoors. We only have room for six (and possibly your vintage tow vehicle). You will get a parking pass and an admission pass to the event. I believe you get a pass for each day but I will need to confirm that.

Contact me ASAP and I’ll reserve your spot and get you the form to get your passes.

Paul Lacitinola Jr.

American, Trailerist

775-721-8197 cell

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Nov 042009


Matt is a guy who is filming a documentary on fiberglass travel trailers. He has been traveling Canada and the US, taking part in rallies where a bunch of strangers camp together with their trailers. The film seems to be focusing on small 13′ fiberglass trailers, especially those made in the 1970s or earlier. Here is Matt’s trailer trailer on YouTube. I am filming a documentary on fiberglass travel trailers. Please contact me if: -you or someone you know worked for a company that made fiberglass trailers.

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