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Jul 242014

Hatched last night on Bradenton Beach 85 TCT baby sea turtles. They all made it to the Gulf! The first was named Royal Chief Forrest, second was John Canner Culp. After that we started with Airstream and on down the trailer names.


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May 292014
Category Trailer Owner
Ready to Roll – Reserve 2010 Wayzless Hardy & Terry Evans
Ready to Roll – Best 1949 Glider Keith & Jayne Kesler
Silver Palaces – Reserve 1966 Airstream Safari Barry & Karen Ollette
Silver Palaces – Best 1960 Airstream Ambassador Bob & Sandy Platt
Mobile Mansions – Reserve 1972 Grumman MH Terry & Lorraine Miller
Mobile Mansions – Best 1974 Starcraft Star Cruiser MH Bryan Quinn & Matt Tomanica
Tiny & Teardrops – Reserve 1956 VaKaShunEtte Nate & Angel Cork
Tiny & Teardrops – Best 1959 East Traveler Ron Baugarten & Shannon Rozell
Tow Trailer Combo – Reserve 1971 Campfire & 1971 Olds Vista Cruiser Wagon Mike Greene & Cortney James
Tow Trailer Combo – Best 1961 Winnebago Canned Ham & 1957 Chevy Wagon David & Janice Coon
Awesome Interiors 1952 Vagabond 34′ Coach Steve Brown & Sandy Mastin
Special Interest 1974 Vespa Paula Foresi
Friday Night Lights 1957 Shasta John & Cheryl Rese
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May 212014


Thanks to Michael Lambert for his selection process and production of the June
2014 to May 2015 Tin Can Tourists Calendar.
Those included in the calendar were announced at the 17th
Annual Gathering
and the calendar went on sale at the event. The theme for this year’s calendar
was “Just Like New”. The selected units were shown with the ads used to
advertise the trailer/motor coach.
We have 30 calendars available for sale. Send a check for $20 to cover the
calendar and postage made payable to FORREST BONE, PO Box 489, Gregory,
Michigan 48137.
Month by month content:
June 2014 – Michael Greene – 1971 Campfire Trailer
July 2014 – Charles and Virginia Diffey 1964 Chevrolet/Scotsman Combo
August 2014 – Kirk and Beth 1964 Avion Holiday
September 2014 – Tim Heintz – 1956 Hicks 28’ Mobiliner
October 2014 – Rick Zabel – Spartan Manor
November 2014 – Ron Baumgarten – 1959 Easy Traveler
December 2014 – Daniel Hershberger – 1927 auto Kamp Trailer
January 2015 – Rob and Theresa Alkema – 1967 Forester Cub
February 2015 – Les Mitchell – 1983 Dodge 350 Xplorer 22B
March 2015 – Holiday House
April 2015 – Dan Maciejczyk – 1954 Airstream Cruiser/1953 Buick Super V8
May 2015 – Don and Pam Starner 1974 Serro Scotty

Thanks to the very talented, Michael Lambert for taking on this project and producing a very beautiful
calendar that lists various TCT events month by month.

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May 202014

They call themselves the Tin Can Tourists. They’re folks who celebrate the travel trailer – the vintage travel trailers – the kind that grandma and grandpa might have used.

This weekend the Tin Can Tourists are holding their 17th annual gathering at Camp Dearborn in Milford.

Forrest Bone is the head of the Tin Can Tourists. And he told us today that his group actually dates back to 1919.


Listen to the interview here:

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May 062014

May 2014

News Release


What: Tin Can Tourists 17th Annual Gathering and The North American Vintage Trailer and Motor Coach Show

When: May 15th –18th, 2014

Where: Camp Dearborn,

1700 General Motors Road

Milford, Michigan 48380

Contact: Forrest Bone, Tin Can Tourists

Phone:  941-302-2415




Tin Can Tourists are holding their 17th Annual Gathering at the Milford, Michigan campground this month.  Nearly 200 travel trailers of all vintages will camp out from May 15 through the 18th.


Folks have been finding ways to hitch the wagon to the back of the family car since family cars first rolled off the lines. Michigan’s automotive history wouldn’t be complete without a good travel plan.  And one group has been coming to Camp Dearborn to celebrate the rich and colorful history of the travel trailer.


The North American Vintage Trailer and Motor Coach Show on Saturday, (May 17th from 11 to 3pm) will feature trailers and mobile mansions from days gone by including a 1948 Spartanette, with its polished wood interior and Art Deco curves, a 1936 Bowlus Road Chief, and a rare 1937 Curtiss Aerocar towed by a custom built 1938 International Truck. The show also includes shiny 1960s Airstreams, as well as Scotties and Shasta’s of every description and unique campers from GMC, Flxible and Travco.

PR photo6 Pr photo5

Saturday’s open house includes a visit from RV historian Dan Hershberger who will talk about his 1927 Kamp Kar and his collection of artifacts from early Autocar and camping (2 PM - Site #50).


Brian McCool of Delton says he’s been going to the gathering for more than a decade.  He says he first got interested in restoring vintage trailers after he bought and partially restored a 1948 Spartan Manor as a prop for his 1948 Pontiac convertible. Now he owns 4 vintage campers, including a fully restored 1946 Spartan Manor and 1954 Tiny Home, also called the “canned ham” because its profile is very similar to a canned ham.

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McCool says the Tin Can Tourist event is about more than the nostalgia vintage trailers, it’s also about friendship and camaraderie.


“We use the trailers like anyone would use a new RV, we take them on vacation and everywhere we go we make friends as people ask questions and relate their stories to us.”


Tin Can Tourist was started nearly 100 years ago, but the club had been inactive for some time when Forrest Bone and his wife, Jeri, reestablished TCT in 1998. Bone says the club has been growing ever since.  He says this will be the largest Annual Gathering held at Camp Dearborn.


Forrest Bone -

Dan Hershberger - 734-764-8219,

Brian McCool -

The Tin Can Tourists is an organization committed to the preservation and celebration of classic trailers and motor coaches. The original Tin Can Tourists were organized in Tampa Florida in 1919. Forrest  and Jeri Bone renewed the club in 1998 as an all make and model vintage trailer and motor coach club. The Tin Can Tourists holds annual gatherings in Florida and Michigan with regional rallies throughout the U.S. In addition, TCT has regional representatives in Canada, the Netherlands, France, Australia and Japan.

The Tin Can Tourist 17th Annual Gathering will give members networking opportunities and new ideas for trailer and motor coach preservation.

Photos and credits:

PR Photo 1: 1948 Spartan Manor and 1954 Tiny home restored by TCT Member Brian McCool. – Credit: SouthRiver Media

PR Photo 2: Brian McCool Tows his 1948 Spartan Manor with his 1948 Diamond T Truck – Credit: SouthRiver Media

PR Photo 3: Brian McCool and his faithfully restored 1956 Tiny Home. – Credit: SouthRiver Media

PR Photo 5: 1973 GMC Motor Home. – Credit: Tin Can Tourists

PR Photo 6: Custom “Wayzless” cedar cabin. – Credit: Tin Can Tourist

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Apr 182014

For your Northwest members’ consideration:
Do you have a Vintage Travel Trailer you’ve been planning on finally spending some money on that’s in need of restoration, remodeling or repair?  Would you like to see it all happen on prime time TV?  Flyte Camp Vintage Trailer Restoration in Bend, Oregon performs the finest quality trailer restorations in America — and now they’ve got their own television series on GAC — Great American Country, premiering this fall!  Let Flyte Camp turn your trailer into the ultimate Vintage Glamping palace!  Contact us right away or visit ( for more information on what Flyte Camp can do for you — and how your trailer can become a TV star!

“Ready to spend some money to have your Vintage Travel Trailer restored, remodeled or repaired on TV?

Contact ( for more info!”


Rebecca C.S. Varga
16135 Roscoe Blvd
North Hills, CA 91343
818-333-3714 Direct Line
818-487-2713 Fax

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Apr 182014

10 Vintage Trailers up For Sale just in time for a Summer Road Trip


16TH APR, 2014


See, you’re just like me– you see a picture of a vintage trailer and you click on it! And that pretty much sums up how I ended up on my latest internet treasure trove,Tin Can Tourists. A true appreciation society for vintage trailers, Tin Can Tourists was actually founded long before the internet came around, at a Florida holiday trailer park no less, in the year 1919. Committed to the celebration of classic RVs, they’ve been organising annual gatherings and information exchange ever since. With summer plans on the mind and road trip wanderlust in the air, I found the website’s classifieds section particular interest. Trailers of all shapes, sizes and budgets are listed for sale here to drive your imagination wild.

Here are my top ten picks from the classifieds…

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Apr 082014

Nice article regarding the TCT Rally at “River’s End Campground & RV Park”


Tin Can Tourists Converge on River’s End Campground

A typical Tin Can Tourists vintage RV.

A typical Tin Can Tourists vintage RV.

Nostalgia will permeate River’s End Campground & RV Park the weekend of April 25-27 when approximately 100 vintage RVs from across the East Coast will converge here.

Members of the Tin Can Touristsassociation have booked virtually the entire campground for the weekend but will open their units to the public following that morning’s Tybee Turtle Trot. (See last week’s blog for the Trot details.)

This is the largest rally since the city of Tybee acquired River’s End Campground nearly eight years ago and likely the largest in the campground’s long history, according to Kim Fickes, the campground’s social media supervisor.Tin Can Tourists logo

The public will be invited to view the vintage RVs from 11:30 to 4 on Saturday, April 26. The admission fee is $5 per adult and $3 per child with the proceeds going to the Turtle rescue effort.

The association will hand out awards for the best in four categories: the best vintage RV by era (pre 1959, 1960-1969 and post-1969), best display, fan favorite and the tin can challenge trailer sign. Fifth percent of the sign must be composed of tin cans, food drink or other metal.

So, even if you’re not camping at River’s End Campground for the weekend, you can still stop in, get a close-up view of these classic RVs and help a worthy cause.

Book Now

River’s End Campground & RV Park is located in the heart of the island and is a good place to visit during the Turtle Trot and the Tin Can Tourist rally. So, visit to watch the current video about our park. And be sure to visit our blog each week where you will learn more about our unique park. For more information, please visit our website at or call (800) 786-1016.

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Mar 242014

By Hunt Jones

We have great news at long last for those of you who have been searching for Agreed Value Physical Damage for your vintage rv/trailer! That’s right…Agreed Value! Not “Actual Cash Value” (ACV), which means virtually nothing regardless of the amount you see on your policy’s Declarations Page, and not “Stated Value,” which is open to considerable interpretation by a claims examiner in case of damage, but Agreed Value, the amount you and an appraiser determine what your rig is worth before you actually receive coverage. This means you have full coverage for that amount should you incur a total loss. We have been searching for an insurance company/broker who is willing to write this type of coverage for 15 years! If you think you’re covered now for Agreed Value Physical Damage, please read your RV policy. I would bet the coverage is ACV, and the Actual Cash Value is zero for a vintage rig because unlike antique automobiles, there are no books to determine what your old rig is worth. A few may have Stated Value which is what you believe it may be worth, but not necessarily your carrier, as that amount is open to interpretation.

FCIS (Farm and City Insurance Services) in Forest City Iowa is an insurance agency/broker licensed to write a policy with Agreed Value Physical Damage and other important coverage’s for your vintage rig. Policies are written through four major carriers in all states except Massachusetts and Hawaii. The all-important Physical Damage (Comprehensive and Collision) is Agreed Value. Other important elective coverage’s for vintage rigs include Vacation Insurance (for Open House to cover bodily injury for liability for the public when your trailer is unhitched), Personal Effects, Towing and Labor, and Extra Expense for lodging when your trailer/rv is laid up while on the road. Further options are also available, and a list of more applicable coverage’s can be chosen for Vintage “Full Timing” where the rig is used as a primary residence. An entire package is offered for vintage motor homes too.

The premium for these coverage’s is surprisingly reasonable.

To qualify, you will need to call 1-800-331-1520 and let the menu direct you to the correct department to answer some questions for an application. Or, you can go to FCIS’s website for a quote. Either route will subsequently require photos of all four sides of your rig plus the interior. You will also need a typed appraisal on letterhead from a trailer/rv restoration specialist or ask FCIS for a certified appraiser in your area/state.
This is a rare opportunity for all of us. Take advantage of it through!

Vintage RV Restoration Shops/Appraisers

This list is the first compilation of those vintage rv restoration shops/services or vintage rv appraisers personally recommended by those responding to our recent request. Appraisals are required to qualify for the Agreed Value Physical Damage Insurance
program through the FCIS Agency. As more referrals are received, we will add them and forward to FCIS. FCIS also uses an outsourced appraisal service in most states.

  • Hindley’s Garage (Ken Hindley) Union, Ontario 519-631-1055 shop
  • Heintz Design Vintage Trailer restoration (Tim) Panama City FL 1-850-632-4246
  • Colin Hyde Trailer Restorations Plattsburgh NY (518) 578-7772.
  • CanAm RV (Andy Thompson) London, Ontario 1-866-226-2678
  • Retro Restoration (Larry Hill) Canon City CO 303-746-3189
  • Blue Moon Caravans, Missoula MT 406-212-3672
  • James Polk (appraiser), Ojai, CA 805-646-7293
  • Woodland Travel Center (Craig) Grand Rapids MI 1-800-968-8688
  • Doug Rowbottom, St Paul’s, Ontario 519-313-5078

Special thanks to Hunt Jones for his tireless work on informing TCT members concerning important insurance issues regarding vintage trailers and vehicles.

Neither Hunt or TCT is receiving any financial remuneration for our work with the insurance companies. They may be asked to support TCT through a banner ad at the site or by sponsoring the North American Vintage Trailer and Motor Coach Concours.
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