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Streamline Travel Trailer

I've learned the two partners of Streamline broke off from Airstream, and started Silver Streak, then one decided to use 3 rails foundation instead of just two to go on his own to create Streamline, with belly pan and more support. Some say the best made, but like a Ford, or Chevy man, that might be a personal concept. (Two plants were in production) lifetime warranty, was upheld by the placememt of parts in a warehouse in Elkhart, Indiana, supposedly. It was thought the CA plant had a higher grade of aluminum, so these tend to polish up better…godzilla2@peoplepc.com


The Streamline Travel Home (motorhome) became the Newell, and lives today.

Manufacturer Information

I own/am buying a '67 empress 28 ft streamline, would like to see an imperial sometime. email…godzilla2@peoplepc.com

I have a 1973 Imperial. Just started working on it. Theresa in houston.

Years built


seen a duke, a dutchess, and a empress on line.

my empress, has two bunks, just before the bathroom, at the rear, the kitchen has a slightly canted out sink, with a tv shelf above the sink, facing forward toward the front room, for comfortable tv veiwing from the couch. seems roomy, godzilla2@peoplepc.com

We have a 19 foot Prince. So far, we have not seen another one even on line.

I have a 1973 model Crown Imperial. Here in Houston…Theresaapurdy@aol.com. Thomas and Brona, i_reiki_u2@yahoo.com. I know of a 1959 Streamline Prince owned by Eric and Patti Dobbs Yes we have a 1959 prince, if I can figure out how to post pic's I will. It's all original we're only the 2nd owner's. Patty Dobbs

1972 31’ Streamline Crown Imperial currently (05/23/13) listed on “The Bay”.

I have a 1972 Streamline Regency (24'). What I have noticed is that it does not have a window next to the entry door like some of the other models. I have only seen one other Regency model online. bataylor66@gmail.com


The most striking feature is the gold stripe and trim on the streamliner, can be seen from a distace to be what it is godzilla2@peoplepc.com

Standard Features

As oppossed to Airstream & many other trailers, the Streamline (at least the 66 model) did not come with a power inverter for the 12 volt systems. Came with 2 seperate systems, 1 ac & 1 dc. Most of the light fixtures have 2 seperate lights & switches, 1 for each system. Trailer battery is charged by the tow vehicle when hooked to it.

Unique features/Options



This is a 1959 19' Streamline and it shines very brightly. photo@hctc.com (Trailer owner)


Here are pics of 1966 Streamline duke. Some after polishing & some before set up in camp.


Some owners

T. Patterson's pages on Streamlines http://www.tompatterson.com/Streamline/Streamline.html

Advertisements and Brochures http://www.tompatterson.com/Streamline/Brochures/Brochures.php

Drew and alicia keller drewkeller2010@hotmail.com 1966 streamline prince

Trent and Anna Mallinson tjmallinson@gmail.com 1970 Streamline Dutchess

Ines and Wolf Kring wolfk@mach5.net 1966 Streamline Duke

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