First Day Out

The trip to the California Regional Gathering is the longest adventure we have ever tried. During our tenure with the Vintage Airstream Club, we traveled to Boise, Rapid City, and Brandon Manitoba to attend Internationals, but not quite on this scale. On the previous trips we followed a map and tried to find a campground in the late afternoon. Now we have a GPS and an air card to refer to Google maps to better plan our trip. So what did we do the first day, passed the campground we had selected, because it was a bit early in the day and then drove off I80 based on a campground sign that identified two campgrounds. The first place looked like it had been abandoned after Labor Day. We found the second, but it will take the GPS to get us back on I80.

We are somewhere between Chicago and Joliet.

Jeri just found out we are in the Central Time Zone and it is throwing off her sleep schedule. She thought it was eight and turning the clock back to seven is going to cause her to fight to stay awake for that extra hour.

Interesting listening to CNN in the late afternoon. Difficult to figure out what the best course of action might be. A lot of opinions, but wonder way they don’t put together a council of economic advisors to assist in developing a plan.

Couldn’t help but think about my mom as we started the trip. She loved to see her children travel. Raising eight children kept her close to home, but she always had a little traveling money for her children that ventured away from Michigan.

The ’57 Avion tows like a dream. Avion001

This picture was taken before I put on the polished aluminum propane cans.

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