Day Two

We brought along a few of our Tin Can Tourist Friendly Campground forms, thinking it would be good to pass them out as we camped along the way. Our first night’s stay was a campground we wouldn’t recruit for the program. The campground was filled with super duty pickups with all kinds of welding and construction gear in the beds. They all headed out for work at 4:30 am and of course they were all diesels. Don’t know what type of project they were working on, but bless them. The license plates reflected that they were from various states.

We left camp after taking a couple of pictures of a decorated site.

100 2015

100 2016

Great day for travel. Little construction on I80 and a pleasant sunny day. The winds hitting us on one side (from the north) and the trucks passing us on the south side made for some interesting bobs and weaves. Although the Avion is a great tow, we don’t go over 60. We once listened to a seminar on the “Physics of Towing” and it left an impression on us. It has kept me under 60 most of the time.

We stopped at the World’s largest truck stop along the way for breakfast/lunch around 11. Iowa 80 was beyond huge. First indoor sales display we have seen for semi Trucks. All the available lights to deck out your rig were on a wall display lit up like Christmas.

We found, Pro40, an aluminum cleaner that we used during our Airstream days. We used it to polish three different models. Didn’t achieve the shine we have seen lately at some of the Gatherings, but it worked for us. Jeri liked to use it inside on handles, fixtures, counter tops, silverware and anything she wanted to shine. We purchased another copy of The Next Exit. We just are not good at getting everything we need for travel together. We will find this book very helpful, since so much of the trip is along I80. I believe my sister, Bonnie, gifted the first copy, but I couldn’t find it for this trip. It might be in Florida.

100 2018

The Trucking Museum is only open Wednesday – Sunday, so we missed it.

100 2017

The GPS and The Next Exit kept us right on schedule today. We entered the address of the campground we had chosen and we followed the prompts to Madison County Iowa, home of the bridges and subject of a book and movie. I recall reading the book and seeing the best parts of the movie. The campground owner had some local wine on sale, so Jeri and I had some wine and ordered take-out. I felt bad that we didn’t cook over an open fire or use the Dutch oven techniques I have recently experienced, but the take-out with free delivery from a nearby Chinese restaurant was too much to pass up.

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