Monthly Archives: October 2008

Day Thirty One

Well, we made it to Cedar Key. This place has such a relaxed feel. We had a couple of Winter Conventions here and many attendees still stop by to or from the north. The owners, Bruce and Roberta Wilson, tried to go the condo park route and had some takers, […]

Day Twenty Seven

New Mexico – moved from the Pacific Time Zone to the Mountain Time Zone on Saturday and on Sunday we should be in the Central Time Zone in Texas. We had hoped to get to Enchanted Trails by mid afternoon on Saturday, but a wreck on east bound I40 changed […]

Day Twenty Six

Went out last night to remove the water hose – warned us about freezing temperatures. Looked up and saw more stars than I have ever seen. We have been to Arizona before, but we must have been close to a large city and didn’t see anything like this before. Before […]

Day Twenty Five

  We settled in at the Circle S Campground in Kingsman . The trip from Hoover Dam down 93 was easy and not too bad considering how long we had been on the road yesterday. Some Gems from the Circle S We headed east on I 40 and after an […]

Day Twenty Four

I was right about the park being a bit seedy. There was a fellow camper that howled to Warren Zavon’s rendition of “Werewolves of London.” Wasn’t bad, but of course he had to play it over a few times. Actually he sounded better than the yapping of the small dog […]

Day Twenty Three

I was going to put the squeeze on the Coloma Resort proprietors about our Tin Can Tourist Friendly Campground Program, but no one was in the office in the morning. Had a gone fishing sign on the door. The TCT group must have worn them out and they needed a […]

Day Twenty-two

I don’t know at this point if my day count is correct or not. We went to Auburn to see Vince Martinico’s unique collection of cars, trailers and sundries. The wow factor is everywhere. I won’t try to put everything in the blog, but will get Terry to post the […]

Day Twenty-one

Sunday is a little sad as the group the came together on Thursday, bonded in a very unique way , packed up and headed home. The midwest goup we have in attendance at Michigan events is probably a bit older than the California crowd and not all are required to […]

Day Nineteen

The breakfast of Honey Baked Ham and Pancakes was fabulous. After doing in two good size hams on Friday, I didn’t think the morning ham would go over. Was I wrong. The day started off a bit overcast and that worked well with the open house and concours. We were […]

Day Eighteen

Penny Cotter and friends put together a great pancake breakfast this morning. After breakfast and for the rest of the day everyone just kicked back and enjoyed the grounds or for some, the day gave them a chance to see area sites. Need a drill with a paint mixer for […]

Day Seventeen

Not sure if I have the number right. This is Thursday, October 16th – 2008 Attendees to the California Regional Gathering started arriving. Beginning to think we might be better off not scheduling much on the arrival day. Many arrive during or after the Chili Cookoff and miss out on […]

Day Sixteen

Back to the mundane today . We had to get to a Costco to get all the sundries and wanted to pick up some ham for the potluck. I have to praise the GPS. Type in “Costco” and had a choice of two in the 20 to 25 mile range. […]

Day Fifteen

Spent some time this afternoon touring the Gold Bug Mine just outside Placerville. After paying an admittance fee we were given a hard hat. If Jeri had been an inch shorter , she would not have needed the hat. At 5’1″ you can’t hit your head on the mine shaft’s […]