Day Three

Well we traveled from Iowa to mid Nebraska. Staying with our 300 miles per day, but expect to stay a couple of days in places that have some interesting spots for us to visit.

After our adventure with the Historic National Road Caravan, we attempted to set up a Caravan that would cover a single state thereby reducing the travel days and allowing for closer inspection of the historic sites, etc. in the state. We looked at Pennsylvania – Route 30 first and got some leads from the Lincoln Highway Corridor office staff. We wrote to all the Chambers in every county to see if we could get some help locating possible parking areas and individuals that might assist us in their county. We did not get one response.

We then spoke with a couple TCT members about Iowa and the Lincoln Highway. They made every attempt to get the Iowa Lincoln Highway Association to provide some assistance, but it too fell through. Everyone liked the idea of a caravan, but no one wanted to do any ground work in their community to procure a parking/camping site or offer any support.

After hearing about the proposed 2013 Lincoln Highway Celebration and Road Trip, we contacted the current President about having TCT involved in the Celebration. We understand that one group will be leaving from New York City and another from San Francisco, meeting in Nebraska at a fairgrounds grounds for the celebration.

The Lincoln Highway President from Indiana has invited TCT to set up something at the Heritage Museum so that conference attendees to their Annual Conference nest June could visit us at a pre-conference trip from South Bend to Elkhart. There are other activities going on during the conference that they would like us to participate in, also.

Jeri and I hoped to accomplish a bit of a tour of the Lincoln Highway as we headed west. Now that we are in Nebraska, we will travel parts of Route 30 – The Lincoln Highway.

Tomorrow we are off to see a Pony Express Station and a Sod House Museum. I am looking forward to the Pony Express Station. About the age of 8 or 9, novels and movies with express riders were just about my favorite. My other favorite was The Outlaw with Jane Russell.

Weather has been perfect and it looks like it will stay that way for another few days. Jeri is pushing me through the corn belt states and is looking forward to Wyoming, Utah, and Nevada. I promise a much slower pace after tomorrow. We have to get out of Nebraska and into the wild west.

Found a good Mexican Restaurant for dinner and as I type, Jeri is opening a fine wine from Jasper Winery, Des Moines, Iowa.


TCT TCT at Camp Dearborn by Paige Bridges

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