Day Four

Jeri must have taken the Pony Express stories regarding their speed in getting to California to heart. We are at the Phillips RV Park in Evanston, Wyoming . It is about as close as you can get to Utah and still be in Wyoming.

We breezed by Cheyenne and dropped down a 5% grade into Laramie. I suggested staying in Laramie, hoping that the University might have a game on Saturday, but the boss said, “Push on!” I had Rawlins as a stopping point, but Jeri had gotten her second wind and ordered on to Rock Springs. I remembered from Google Maps that the review on the KOA in Rock Springs was about as bad as I had read. One guy said it was a great park if you liked walking on gravel and you liked being shaded by gasoline storage tanks. I didn’t say anything and let Jeri see it for herself from I 80. So it was on to the next exit and to take a look at Tex’s Camp. Tex had designed a sign to mimic a KOA, but his spot was even worse that the KOA. But guess what, there was a sign stating that they were filled. The road was elevated so we could see the sites. Most of the sites were filled with semi permanent residents. I don’t know if it is usually like this in Wyoming or that the economy has driven a lot of people to their RV’s out of necessity. Most of the campgrounds we could see from 80 looked very rundown, but most of the RV’s were newer fifth wheels of larger travel trailers with slide outs. Most had the long stay propane tanks by the rigs. Might be people working in the oil fields. I did see a sign Halliburton Energy Services . My first impression of parts of Florida was why don’t they have better zoning laws or at least some code enforcement. Wyoming is the worst. You would think that if you have oil wells, you could plant something around them to spruce up the environment. The nature along 80 is often beautiful, but the human arrangements of scrap and junk are pretty depressing. Probably the reason why I didn’t protest too much when the boss kept saying, “Move on!” Thank God for some herds of Antelope, snow capped mountains, and on coming clouds bringing bursts of rain.

Question – Why do people put tires on top of their mobile homes? I first saw this in Tennessee and asked a few locals, but never go a satisfactory answer. Now we are in Wyoming and seeing it again as we pass some of these parks. Most of the parks you see from the road, need to be swept by the local police for America’s Most Wanted . You just get the feeling looking at them that they’re harboring fugitives.


Route 30 is combined with 80 quite often.

We crossed the Continental Divide a couple of times.

The wind generators are very beautiful compared to the oil pumps. Many of the pumps and the storage tanks look as if they have never seen a coat of paint.

Suzlon was printed on the side of the wind generators.

I should have some pictures, but I couldn’t take my hands off the wheel.

Great Mexican dinner at Don Padro’s. It is walking distance from Phillips RV Park.

We are only about 150 from Salt Lake City . We will find a nice spot and spend a couple of days.

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