Day Fourteen

Not much to report on today. When you’re traveling there is more information to detail.

Monday saw us do some sprucing up of the Avion and generally finalizing arrangements with the Coloma Resort. Chicken BBQ for 55 on Saturday. Rental of the meeting room so that all the activities will have a central area. Temperatures drop fast after sunset, so the presentation by Doug Keister and my history of TCT will be in a spot that will be a bit warmer.

100 2215

Cozy spot with small kitchen. With the mornings being a bit chilly, also, the coffee will stay warmer longer inside.

100 2324

100 2327

100 2330

Experimented with our camera a bit last night. The glowing dot is a rather full moon .

We spent so much of our time listening to CNN as we traveled, we are going through new’s withdrawal. The two stations we get in Coloma don’t spend much time on economics or politics. Maybe just a well.

Headed to the Gold Bug Park and Museum in downtown Placerville today.

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