Day Sixteen

Back to the mundane today . We had to get to a Costco to get all the sundries and wanted to pick up some ham for the potluck.

I have to praise the GPS. Type in “Costco” and had a choice of two in the 20 to 25 mile range. Selected on and touch “GO” on the screen and we were off. The only ham they had a Costco was sliced thin for sandwiches, so after loading up the car with our buys, I typed in “Honey Baked Ham”. Two to choose from and one only 8 miles away. Select and hit “Go” and we were able to get three nice 10 lb hams. Go back to the GPS and touch on “Recently Found” select Coloma Resort and RV Park, select and it took us home via a route we had not traveled before.

We got two early arrivals on Wednesday, so we had some company .

One more trip to the grocery store for the chili fixings and we will settle in on Thursday to meet the Gathering arrivals.

Thursday evening we have a chili cook-off and the initiation of new members.

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