Day Seventeen

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Not sure if I have the number right. This is Thursday, October 16th – 2008

Attendees to the California Regional Gathering started arriving. Beginning to think we might be better off not scheduling much on the arrival day. Many arrive during or after the Chili Cookoff and miss out on the great chili. Some spent some time in their preparation and don’t get to share it because they ran into some traffic and got delayed. Going to have to rethink how to set up day one of the Gatherings. Someone suggest at the Northeast Regional Gathering that we have the Chili Cook-off on Friday. I guess we could just have a social get acquainted hour on the opening day and go from there.


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The Tin Can candelabra proved to be quite popular at the California Regional Gathering.

All the Chili was great.

The only person that had attended a TCT Gathering prior to this event was Craig Dorsey of Vintage Vacations. His restorations are well known and populate the pages of Doug Keister’s books. He indicated to me that over the last ten years he has done about 45 restorations. His latest is a 1977 Airstream, which he will deliver shortly after this Gathering. I guess it is official – Craig will be moving his family to Nova Scotia shortly and will be setting up a spiritual retreat utilizing vintage trailers a guest cottages. We wish him the best.

It was nice to initiate another 40 to the TCT family . That’s another problem with doing things like this on the first day, we missed about 10 that are still to arrive.

Friday will give everyone an opportunity to visit or explore. Penny Cotter the new Regional Representative for California is putting on a pancake breakfast tomorrow morning with the free time to follow. A pot luck is scheduled for Friday evening, followed by a presentation by Doug Keister on his latest book, Teardrops and Tiny Trailers .

I will include some pictures of the various rigs in the next posting. I need to get out of the Coloma area in order to use my air card. They have WiFi at the resort, but my computer isn’t finding their signal.

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