Day Eighteen

Penny Cotter and friends put together a great pancake breakfast this morning. After breakfast and for the rest of the day everyone just kicked back and enjoyed the grounds or for some, the day gave them a chance to see area sites.

100 2383

Need a drill with a paint mixer for the mixing of the batter.

100 2387

Two griddles and great cakes.

100 2389

100 2388

Vince Martinico has been here most of the day. His fabulous trailer collection is at Auburn, just a few miles from Coloma. Jeri and I are going over on Monday to see his collection. Vince said that six of his best are at the Peterson Museum in southern California for a pre-World War vintage show.

Author, Doug Keister, came in this afternoon to take some shots and present on his latest book, Teardrops and Tiny Trailers.

I figured out that we didn’t have to go too far to be able to get a signal for the air card, so we just went up the hill to the local tavern, sat in the parking lot and uploaded the Blog from Seventeen. Terry sent an Email and said everyone should go back to Day Fifteen and click on the link regarding Jeri’s home town . It is near the end of the blog.

Great Pot Luck – 100 2393 Honey Baked Ham

100 2394

100 2398

We had enough ham left over for a reheat in the morning and will serve it along with Penny’s next batch of pancakes.

Doug’s presentation was well received. He gave us some traveling hints for our return trip to Florida. He suggested that we head back to Reno and follow 395 on the other side of the mountain, taking us on a route to Death Valley, Las Vegas, and the Grand Canyon. Only hint was to watch the weather closely .

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