Day Twenty-one

Sunday is a little sad as the group the came together on Thursday, bonded in a very unique way , packed up and headed home. The midwest goup we have in attendance at Michigan events is probably a bit older than the California crowd and not all are required to head out on Sunday.

We have been pelted by acorns the past few days .

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They are a bit bigger than the midwest oak and shaped like little bombs as they drop on the top of our aluminum roof. These attacks are not limited to night, but it seems like they save up until we are nestled quietly in our beds. The roll off the roof adds to the overall effect.

We noticed that the leaves of the trees down by the river have started to turn since we arrived. The green is going to yellow.

About seven years ago, Jeri and I were parked the visitor’s lot at Sebastian’s Inlet waiting to enter the state park’s campgound. The park is located south of Melbourne Florida. A couple, the Gormans, saw our Bambi II from the bridge above the lot and stopped to introduce themselves inquire about our Bambi. Since that time they have become members of TCT, and have attended a couple of Gatherings in Florida. Wally Gorman is a commercial airline pilot, so his schedule doesn’t always allow for attendance. Fast forward to the California Regional Rally and guess who should drive in for a visit – the Gorman’s. They had driven from their summer residence in Maine to Oregon to pick up a nice Boles Aero and were on their return to Florida. They had purchased the Boles from the Dobbs; who were members of TCT until this year.

On Monday we are going over to the Vinces and see his fabulous collection.

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