Day Twenty-two

I don’t know at this point if my day count is correct or not.

We went to Auburn to see Vince Martinico’s unique collection of cars, trailers and sundries.

100 2677

The wow factor is everywhere. I won’t try to put everything in the blog, but will get Terry to post the pictures in a separate section on the site

100 2555 100 2562

100 2572 100 2579

Das Boat was originally part of a drawing for a give away. The winner was not able to pick it up and gave Vince a heads up as to its location and how to contact the owner.

100 2593 100 2594

Vince has sold his canvas and wire Curtiss Aerocars , keeping on steel model pictured above.

100 2595

I believe he owns eight or more Bowlus models, including the Road Chief and Papoose.

100 2601 100 2634

100 2650 If you recognize this type of panel array, let me know and I will forward it on to Vince.

Tomorrow will mark our first day on the journey to Florida and Braden Castle Park .

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