Day Twenty Three

I was going to put the squeeze on the Coloma Resort proprietors about our Tin Can Tourist Friendly Campground Program, but no one was in the office in the morning. Had a gone fishing sign on the door. The TCT group must have worn them out and they needed a day of rest.

I put Bishop California in the GPS and it indicated that it was only 180 miles from Coloma. To follow the GPS we would have had to take Route 50 and that was not recommended. Too twisty and turney. Doug Keister and others recommended going back to Reno and following 395 to Bishop. That sounded good because the trip to Reno was only about 100 miles and I 80 is great. When we got to Reno, I put Bishop back in the GPS and found out that it was 187 from Reno. The extra mileage was OK because the trip down 395 was great. The decent into Bishop was six miles at a six percent grade . The Yukon towed the Avion from one summit to another with little strain.

Sorry about the lack of pictures. We took so many at Vince’s that the battery wore out quickly. It is charging as I type, so we will have a full charge for tomorrows trip the rest of the way on 395 and into Death Valley .


100 2689

100 2694

100 2695 100 2696

One of the mile markers on 395 indicated that it was 399 miles to LA. We won’t be going that far, but appreciated the information.

Our trailer park stop in Bishop looked a bit seedy, but it is very nice with the best bakery in the world right near the entrance to the park. Erick Schat’s Bakkerÿ

From Bishop we will travel south to 190 and head to Death Valley. We picked up a few recommended campgrounds from Doug, so we have a plan.

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