Day Twenty Four

I was right about the park being a bit seedy. There was a fellow camper that howled to Warren Zavon’s rendition of “Werewolves of London.” Wasn’t bad, but of course he had to play it over a few times. Actually he sounded better than the yapping of the small dog that either visited or shares the residence with the howler and his significant other.

We didn’t make the bakery until 7 but enjoyed a cinnamon twist and some great coffee. We bought a loaf of bread for later.

We did a drive through of Death Valley – frequent stops and a lot of breath taking sites. Jeri would not stay at one of the campgrounds in the Valley.

100 2700 100 2704

100 2705 100 2714

100 2718 100 2720

Going in and coming out is a treat and challenge for those towing. The Yukon preformed great and the Avion followed close behind. The people on the motorcycles behind us in the last picture were from Italy. We have very scenic country that is enjoyed by people for all over.

Since we were not going to stay in the Valley, we decided to head to Las Vegas and find a campground on the side towards Hoover Dam. Well we ended up going through Vegas at rush hour and I stayed in the middle lane and let everyone merge on or off without blocking. By the time we got to the inspection booth to cross Hoover the sun was fading and I wanted to find a campground. The Wackenhunt employee informed me that there was some up and down after the dam and only a few curves, but there wasn’t a campground until we got to Kingman. Another 70 miles .

100 2746 100 2747

100 2757 100 2759

100 2760 You can see that it is getting dark.

Don’t know how many miles we traveled today, but all is well it is 8:40 and Jeri is snoring. All that side seat driving wore her out .

We are traveling less than 100 miles tomorrow. We are going to Williams Arizona to set up a base for a day or two. We can go to the south rim of the Grand Canyon from Williams, about 58 miles. Williams isn’t far from Flagstaff.

Even though we were in some very remote spots we were able to talk with Jeri’s dad, Terry (our son) and my sister, Louise. Although Jeri’s dad has been very interested in our trip, tonight he was more interested in the World Series.

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