Day Twenty Six

Went out last night to remove the water hose – warned us about freezing temperatures. Looked up and saw more stars than I have ever seen. We have been to Arizona before, but we must have been close to a large city and didn’t see anything like this before.

Before bed we watched one of our last DVD’s Sex in the City , all I can say for it is that it kept us up past 10:15. Good thing I bought the extended version.

This morning our neighbor left a garbage bag at his vacated site. It took two Ravens about two minutes after his departure to peck the bag open and pull out the contents in search for breakfast. Nothing found, so off they flew. Most interesting bird we have seen is a Blue Jay type with a black head and bigger plume on the head.

Finding that XM is a great thing to have as we travel. The GPS has been something we would not want to leave home without, but how nice is it to hit these great highways with Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young; the Stones; ZZ Top; the Boss; and the Beatles. Top Tracks is the station and it is a nice switch from CNN. POTUS is another station that gives you all the stump speeches from all the top candidates and their standins live.

We have been seeing a lot of Cruise America Class C rentals. One or two have been at each campground and we saw five or six in Death Valley and at the Grand Canyon.

Just across I40 was, as we found out, a controlled burn.

100 2803 100 2845

We were glad the wind was west to east and we didn’t get any of the smoke.

100 2805 100 2804

100 2806 100 2807

100 2812 100 2813

Lots of material on the history of women in military aviation, also.

The Grand Canyon certainly lived up to it billing.

100 2816

100 2842 100 2820

100 2830

100 2821

100 2835

Tomorrow we will get serious about driving back to Florida.

We hope to get to Albuquerque New Mexico tomorrow and stay at a Tin Can Tourist Friendly Campground.

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