Day Twenty Seven

New Mexico – moved from the Pacific Time Zone to the Mountain Time Zone on Saturday and on Sunday we should be in the Central Time Zone in Texas.

100 2865 We had hoped to get to Enchanted Trails by mid afternoon on Saturday, but a wreck on east bound I40 changed those plans. We had to follow a detour that ate up about 90 miles. A good forty minutes we spent the last 3 miles of the detour crawling to the entrance ramp to get back on east bound 40. The line of trucks was unbelievable.

We didn’t get to Enchanted Trails until after the office had closed and will probably leave before it opens. Sunday’s office opening is 10. We have about 300 miles to go today. Trying to stay on schedule for our return trip because we need to get settled in at Bradenton a few days before we have to go to Estero for the Koreshan Unity Settlement Gathering/Show.

Enchanted Trails does belong to the Tin Can Tourist Friendly Campground Program. If you ever travel I 40 be sure to stop in.

100 2852

100 2860

100 2861

Jeri grabbed the camera and took this picture. She said it was an historic bridge, but we don’t know why . It is on Route 66 as you approach the campground.

100 2851 Historic Bridge

100 2866 100 2869

Yellowstone back in storage lot.

100 2870

Someone had removed a manufacture’s badge similar to this one from a trailer in the seasonal rentals at Camp Dearborn. We tried for months to get one as a replacement for the owner, but were unsuccessful. When we were preparing for the fall campout and flea market we went through the material we were allowed to get at the Southern Pines Trailer Park just north of Sarasota. The entire park had been bought and all the trailers had been condemned and marked for demolition. The security guard gave us an hour to take what we wanted and a Yellowstone badge was one of the items. We put it on the trailer at Camp Dearborn securely with rivets and hope it stays.

Recommended that if you have a manufacture badge or Shasta wingsm you secure them.

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