Day Thirty One

Well, we made it to Cedar Key. This place has such a relaxed feel. We had a couple of Winter Conventions here and many attendees still stop by to or from the north. The owners, Bruce and Roberta Wilson, tried to go the condo park route and had some takers, but not enough to finish the deal, so the park is up for sale again. Cedar Key is like a step back in time and I think the residents want it to stay that way.

100 2879

100 2882

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The sunsets are worth the trip. The water is up much higher in October than it is in January. Nice to have a water view rather then a mud bottom view.

We will see what the future holds for Sunset Isle Motel and RV Park . It would be nice to come back for another TCT Gathering. We have not heard anything from the people in Archer, so we might be able to get something going with the managers of Sunset Isle and return to Cedar Key.

It was 31 when we hit the road this morning. This was in southern Alabama near Mobile. It is suppose to be in the low 40’s tonight at Cedar Key. The cold nights have followed us all over the US, but thankfully so have clear days and high 60’s to the low 70’s. As hard as it is to believe, we have not had a drop of rain and only one cloudy day our entire trip. Correct that, the cloudy day was only part of the day. We left Reno with clouds and the possibility of snow and by the time we hit the summit of the Sierra Nevadas we were back to blue skys .

We will head to Bradenton tomorrow and will wrap up the blog with some final thoughts.

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