Cedar Key Rally 2009

Cedar Key Rally (Tim Heintz, S.E. Rep.)

Well, The Spartanette and I headed out from Panama City Fl. at 6am (CDT) this morning! The drive was great, no problems or traffic, plus something about a clear, cool winter Florida day, makes a perfect travel day. I was able to make it to Cedar Key in four hours! That was averaging 60 mph the whole way, and considering I don’t pull over 65, I made great time!

Cedar Key is one of my favorite rally spots, maybe it is because the very first TCT Rally I ever attended was here! After arriving to Cedar Key I set my Trailer up. I was very excited and trying to hurry because There was a good friend that was driving over to see my Spartanette! His name is Bryan Konefsky and he has an Identical Trailer to mine, Same year and floor plan! We had emailed for several years but never met as he and his wife live in New Mexico! But he happened to fly in to visit family the same weekend as the Rally!

When he got here we had a great time and talked Vintage Trailers. I also showed him a lot as he is still in the restoration process on his trailer, and we have all been at that point!!!! Lots of questions and pictures needed. Although his visit was very short, as he had to get back on the road, he left with a lot more knowledge and Ideas for his trailer!

The rest of the afternoon was spent trying to help people get thier trailers into the lots, as some of the spots are rather tight!!!! But we got everyone in! We had about 24 trailers here today and expect about 5 more sometime tonight and tomorrow! We should have about 30 trailers for this rally! A really good number for this rather short notice rally! I really hope the open house on Saturday does well…..we have already had many people come through today wanting to take a look at the trailers…..I hope it is a sign of what’s to come!

Well, I better get some sleep! We have an early breakfast to cook in the morning. And the weather forcast for in the morning is 31 degrees!!!!!!!!!!!! at least the days tend to warm up rather quick here in Florida……I hope!

Tim Heintz

TCT S.E. Rep.

1950 Spartanette Tandem

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