Vintage Trailer Gathering, Deming Log Show Grounds. August 14-16 2009

As most of you out there in Vintage Trailer Land are aware, Pat Ewing has changed the date and location of his wonderful Mt. Baker Rally. His new location is the Lynden Fairgrounds and the new date is September 9-13 2009. Pat is having very good feedback about his changes and we hope that everyone can make it. We are certainly planning on being there.  We have been to 7 of his rallies and have had a blast at every one. We know that there are some who will not be able to make it due to life circumstances and the later date. Examples we have heard about are mainly work and school. There are a lot of people who have counted on that week in August as part of their annual vacation time. So the Log Show Grounds was contacted and that week/weekend was still available and that we would be welcome if we would like to come. So Gerry and I would like to announce that there will be an informal camping get together at the Deming Log show grounds August 14-16 2009.  Camping will be available as early as the Monday the 10th. Come and stay as long as you want or as little as you want. We are not renting the shelter as Pat has done previously as it is quite expensive. We would like to try and keep a Deming log show gathering alive. As per usual it is first come first serve for the power and water, and payment will be on site. Electrical hookups are $15.00 per night, dry camping $10.00 per night. Unfortunately Iain Cameron’s WBCCI family rally in Hazelmere, BC shares the same weekend date so it would be difficult to do both. Next year, if all goes well the two rallies will be on different weekends one after the other.

Pass the word on, organize your friends and let’s have a great campout. Let us know if you would like to join us. Susan and Gerry Measures (604 929-6403)




Aug 14-16 2009

Deming Log Show Grounds

3295 Cedarville RD

Bellingham, WA 98226

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