Ontario Bolerama “Cozy Camping”

July 10 -12, 2009
Emily Provincial Park Omemee Ontario
Here’s a link to the Cozy Camping Event @ Emily Provincial Park here in Ontario. Unfortunately passports are necessary for both entry into and returning to the USA. It’s a Fiberglass Event for bolers, Trilliums, Casitas, Burros etc…………… Glass Construction.


Yessiree, camping in this style of trailers is a cozy experience. So that is this year’s theme, “Cozy Camping”.  Our meet has always been well attended so that makes for a cozy camping site. A lot of the fun of the meet is the sharing from fellow owners of how they have maximized out the small space.  What our trailers lack in size is usually made up in the pride and ingenuity  to make use of what we have been given.  We make them “Cozy”.
This is a cozy informal meet for molded fiberglass trailers.  It has been called Bolerama but that term just helps to define the class.  We look forward to all trailers of this type such as Bolers,Trilliums, Casitas,Skamps Bigfoot’s etc.  Age or vintage is not a factor; some units are 30 + years old to brand new.

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