Announcing a great entertainment event at the Nashville TCT Rally

Jewel Dee and I visited the campground in Nashville where we will have the Tincantourist Rally September 23-27 and we are extremely excited about the progress being made in getting this rally together.  A major breakthrough:  Working with the campground owners, we are booking an entertainment event with a Grand Ole Opry star– Stu Phillips.  We will car-share a short distance to Stu Phillips’ Winery, where he will sing a medley of songs for us.  There will also be wine/cheese tasting, a tour of the winery, and a visit to the store where a variety of things are sold (and a discount on purchases).  This event is free to our group.  You are encouraged to access the following URL to learn more about Stu:

Stu has written many songs.  He is a canadian (Calgary, alberta).  He became a US citizen in 1998.  He joined the Opry in 1967.  His song “Only God” also made the Christian Music Charts.  He still performs on the Opry but he is also an Episcopalian Minister, receiving his divinity degree from the University of the South (Sewanee , TN).  More bibliographical data can be found on the above web-site, including a sampling of some of his albums.

More info about the rally will soon be posted on my web-page.  Hope you are planning to come.

Bob Muncy

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