50 years of vroom at mosport

Working with Mike Jennings on a free weekend camping trip at Mosport Raceway in Bowmanville, Ontario. The only charges are $50.00 for all the races and that includes access to the paddocks, infield, garages and drivers. Ron Fellows will be there, General Lewis Mckenzie, Sterling Moss (?), Jim Kenzie and lots of others. As well, there is a
catered dinner Saturday evening for $12.00.

There will be VIntage Trans-Am, Can-Am, F1, Formula 5000, Nascar and bikes! Our campsites will be trackside on a wooded hill. BTW, did I mention free firewood?

This is a great opportunity for Canners and Gear-Heads to have a great time in a great spot. Dates are June 17th thru the 21st, 2010.

La Vie Sur Roues!-Life on the Road!

Rick Myer

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