Recap – Annual Fall Campout and Flea Market Camp Dearborn

Annual Fall Campout and Flea Market Camp Dearborn, Milford Michigan September 17-20, 2009

John “Canner” Culp commented that of the ten years he has been attending the Gatherings and Campouts at Camp Dearborn we had not experienced the type of weather we had this fall. We believe John is correct. The low 70’s during the day and the 50’s at night made for a perfect setting weather wise. Add in some great people poised for a weekend of fun and fellowship and you have the perfect mix for a great time.

The Friday night street dance has become a classic. Terry Bone and Hardy Evans operate the IPods and challenge each other to see how many people they can get on their feet and on the floor (street).

Also on Friday night, the Tin Can CANdelabras were set up, judged and prizes were awarded to Tom Curto and Stephen Fuqua for the Good Ship Lollypop(third place); Larry and Sylvia Bell (Second Place); and Chuck and Nancy Nagy took the grand prize for their rendition of Can Ham Candelabra. In addition to the CANdelabras we held a voice vote to select the UGLYIESTsweater. There were 19 entrants that were easily reduced to the top five. Then it got tough. These were certainly some of the ugliest sweaters this side of the Mississippi. Bob Solsbury won going away having not only the ugliest sweater, but a matching ugly under garment. It is strange that so many of the sweaters are of the Christmas variety.

Although we can’t seem to get much media coverage of the fall’s open house, we certainly get a great crowd. So many of this year’s visitors brought along their pictures to document the vintage project they are working on and will be able to bring to a future event.

One couple came with pictures and questions regarding selling their 1985 Avion. They were the original owners and it was their “Baby”. They wanted it to go to someone that would appreciate their “Baby”. Jeri showed them around and provided them with all the information necessary to sell the Avion through our website. They spent most of the afternoon visiting the trailers and meeting various members. When we came back to the Spartan on Sunday there was a message on the machine indicating that they had met so many great people and enjoyed themselves so much that they were going to keep their “Baby” as a second trailer and come join the fun next year.

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