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The above is a photo of Ann & Ronnie Mollere’s 1962 Airstream that was selected as “The Most Impressive RV” attending the 2009 Nashville TCT Rally. The Mollere’s reside in Jackson, Mississippi. Ronnie did all the polishing on this beautiful Airstream.


The 2009 Nashville TCT Rally (Sep. 23-27) is now history. It was a very successful event, in spite of heavy rain that continued several days. There was a good mix of vintage and modern RVs: 1962 Airstream, 1976 Avion, 1976 GMC, 1977 Avion (2), 1978 Avion, 1979 Avion, 1985 Avion, 1988 Avion, 1989 Avion, 2004 Jayco, 2007 Casita, and 2007 Flagstaff. The group enjoyed lots of entertainment. Some attended the Grand Ole Opry, Country Music Star tour, Flea Market, Rivergate Mall shopping, Camping World, and almost everyone tasted the wine/cheese at the winery and heard Stu Phillips sing a medley of songs for us. Also, the BBQ dinner (with the Blue Grass Band) and a performance by Paul Hill were well attended. There were several walk-ins on Saturday to visit the RV open house. Almost everyone opened their RV for visitors. Ronnie and Ann Mollere’s 1962 Airstream was selected as the Most Impressive RV present. Rick and Angie’s 1976 GMC received lots of praise as the runner-up.

Needless to say, some new friendships were made. RVs came from Wisconsin, Ontario, Ohio, Missouri, Tennessee, North Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, and Arkansas. Tentative plans were discussed for having a rally in Mississippi next year.

Thirteen RVs attended. Because of the forecast for heavy rain (which was accurate), a number of those pre-registered cancelled. It is believed that if the weather had been more favorable, more than 20 would have attended. It is understandable that those who primarily wanted to “show” their beautiful restored vintage RV chose not to come. Those folks who use their vintage RV regularly did come and received a great (free) wash job.

9/28/09: Photos of the Rally are now posted in an album on my Photo Gallery. Bob Muncy.

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