TCT Happenings in Michigan

Name of event: Vintage Camper Show – Port Crescent State Park

Brief Description of event: Campers will display their vintage campers during their stay at the State Park.

Date: July 8-11, 2010

Location: Port Crescent State Park, Port Austin, MI

Number of units limited to: No limit, however we only have 142 campsites and reservations are required and will be somewhat limited for that time of year.

Registration procedure: Call 1-800-447-2757 for reservations, which should be done 6 months in advance. Participants should try to reserve campsites in the 1-20, 123-137, or 97-111 areas in order to be in the same general area as other vintage campers.

Contact person: Betsy Kish –
TCT member John Truitt @

Name of Event: St. Clair Vintage Boat and Trailer show

Date: Saturday July 17, 2010

Location: St. Clair Boat Harbor, St. Clair, Michigan

Number of units allowed at event: 20 units

Registration procedure: 15 units of varying vintages to be selected from applications submitted to Forrest Bone, 941-748-1483 winter, 248684-0393 summer,deadline to apply is June 1st – email

Attached is a press release for the Port Sanilac – date: August 20th and 21st, 2010
Contact Doreen Bergman for information.

Name of Event: Port Sanilac Boat Show

Brief description of event: Vintage Boats and Vintage Trailers and Motor Coaches

Date: August 20th & 21st, 2010

Number of units allowed at event: 15 units

Registration procedure: will be determined by the person that assumes responsibility to work with Boat Show Staff

Contact person – must have a volunteer to coordinate TCT’s involvement in this event.
If we don’t have a person to coordinate with the Boat Show staff by the spring newsletter (March), the event will be eliminated from the TCT schedule for 2010.

Additional information:
Contact: Doreen Bergman at

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