Calendar Update

Thank you for the suggestions regarding the calendar and the pictures. We are fortunate to have a member that is experienced in producing such calendars and has volunteered to handle the project.

Since we didn’t get an overwhelming response from previous concours winners, we will open the submission process to all TCT members.

Trailer pics should be a high resolution exterior shot and if available a similar resolution interior shot. If you only have an exterior shot, please send it. Each photo should have a caption included.  It could be a statement about the location, info about the trailer or just a few words that give the photo extra meaning.  Probably two sentences is about right so the text does not get too small.

Please send submission to  Michael Lambert at Submissions are to be sent to Michael by March 31st.

To be sure that all interested members have an opportunity to submit, resend pictures you sent to me to Michael Lambert.
Michael will have the calendar sent to us so that they will be available at the 13th Annual Gathering.

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