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Contact Rick Myer at the address below.


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Name of event: Mosport Race Track 50th Year Celebration

Brief description of event: Free dry camping in the beautiful Kawarthas in Southern Ontario, lots of fun for Gear heads and Vintage Trailer owners. The only charges are $12.00 for a catered dinner Saturday Night and $50.00 for the races. Free access to paddocks, cars, infield, 11 vintage car clubs, formula one cars, formula 5000, Can-Am, Trans Am, Mini Racers (Fiats, Real-Minis not Faux-BMW), vintage motorbikes and lots of eye candy.

Date: June 17th – 21st, 2010

Location: Near Toronto, Canada

Number of units allowed at event: no limit

Registration procedure: Contact Rick Myer for registration material

Contact person – Rick Myer, rick_myer@sympatico.ca 519-657-7055, 519-636-0260.


  1. The rallies mentioned ae waaay out of date. 2009/10….not helpful. New member here looking for up-to-date information on rallies in Ontario, Canada

  2. Use the menu, click on Vintage Trailer Rally on the menu. Those are the upcoming rallies being planned. 2020 rallies will fill in during the first quarter of the year.

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