Koreshan Unity Settlement Gathering and Show

There are 10 openings for the Koreshan Unity Settlement Show. There is the
possibility of some national coverage for this event.
We need to make sure we fill the 10 spots with quality vintage rigs.

Name of event: 4th Annual Koreshan Unity Settlement Vintage RV Show, Celebration the Florida Park Service’s 75th Anniversary

Brief description of event: Vintage RV’s will be set up in the historic
settlement at Koreshan State Historic Site and open to the public for viewing –
Additional campsites may be reserved through ReserveAmerica by calling
1-800-326-3521 or online www.reserveamerica.com

Date: November 11-14, 2010 – November 13th from 10 am until 4 pm – date of show – participants can camp on the grounds beginning on Thursday, November 11th

Location: Koreshan State Historic Site, 3800 Corkscrew Road, Estero, FL 33928

Number of units allowed at event: 20 units may “camp” all 4 days in the
settlement with minimal electric and water, up to 40 units may be shown the day
of the event.

Registration procedure: Registration for the rally, Forrest and Jeri Bone. To
register for the day of show only contact Mike Heare, 239-992-0311 or

Contact person – Forrest Bone at f23bone@earthlink.net or Mike Heare at

Register here:

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