TCT Regional Representative for the Netherlands

We are very happy to announce that the Tin Can Tourists has a Regional Representative for the Netherlands.
We asked Rene’ Leenders to send along a brief Bio to introduce himself to the membership.

My name is René Leenders, 48 years old, father of 2 beautiful sons and known in this part of the world as Mr. Airstream. Back in 1999 I owned a catering- and event business who was looking for something special to promote my company. I ended up with the Tin Can Trailers as I thought back then that every US Travel trailer looked like that. It became quite a journey trying to find out how to import one of those shiny trailers and to become familiar with the huge differences between the US spec travel trailers and the European ones. Internet was not as well spread as it is today. In fact the TCT site was one of the few providing some information. The Airstream plant did not even have a website back then.

To share my experience with the rest of the world I started a small website called and that is how I became ‘famous’ in the world of aluminum travel trailers here. I imported and converted a lot of Vintage trailers and started my own business in renting them out. In 2008 I was then approached by Airstream to become an official dealer for their European spec Airstream models. The Rental & Vintage business was then broadened to what it is today with . Our client base is continental Europe with clients from The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Denmark, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. We learned this business the ‘trial and error’ way and with an 11 year experience we know our ways.

The business does not only include Airstream. We also serve other brands provided they give the Tin Can feeling or add something to the camping experience not available in Europe. We are selling teardrop trailers of our own brand FunTear and will soon release the FunTear Retro – a new 1950’s inspired aluminum travel trailer. Our showroom has been given the name ‘American Caravan Center’. The word caravan in the UK and Europe means travel trailer (not what it means in the US)

The install base of Tin Cans in the Benelux has now come to a point of almost 300 trailers. I guess now is the time to start a local unit of TCT. There is going to be a rally from the UK via Belgium to The Netherlands on June 17 expected to be the largest one of all so far with 50 participants.

We welcome Rene and will include more information about vintage events in the Netherlands and Europe in upcoming editions of Tin Can Tales.

Forrest and Jeri Bone
Tin Can Tourists

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