Monthly Archives: September 2011

Camp Dearborn Upgrades

We can use these for friends and to encourage members coming from a distance that might just want to fly in for the event, etc. · After deliberations, the council passed two resolutions regarding Camp Dearborn’s play areas and cabins. A total amount of $314,712 was awarded towards the installation […]

2011 Mt Baker rally

Susan and Gerry’s pictures of the 2011 Mt Baker rally Please have a look at the photos I posted on the Flickr site. What a great week we had. I am personally exhausted. Until next time take care susan.   No tags for this post.

We get letters (ok – email)

Here is an email we recently received – kinds words for the TCT and a trailer for sale: I’ve pulled my hair out trying to figure out why my old camper I just bought didn’t have the “Wings” like the older Shasta Aeroflyte campers did;  I figured that someone just […]

Old Car Festival

TCT Hall of Fame Member Daniel Hershberger will be a featured exhibitor this weekend, September 10 & 11, at the Old Car Festival held at Greenfield Village/The Henry Ford in Dearborn, Michigan. In addition to his 1927 Auto Kamp folding tent trailer, his 1920s motor camping exhibit will include a Model T […]