TCT Florida Homecoming Rally 2011

Estero, Fl

 November 9, 2011

Time again for the Florida Homecoming Rally down in Estero Florida at the Koreshan State Historic Site. So after a full 10 hour work day today I headed straight home to hook up my 1950 Spartanette to my truck and head south! By the time I made it home and got hooked up, it was about 630pm. With 10 hours and 500 miles ahead of me, I headed out. I was making really good time, but by about midnight I was just too tired to drive anymore. In years past I have made it at least 400 miles, but this was the first year at working 10 hours the day I left! So I pulled over at a rest area just outside of Gainesville with overnight security, and decided to sleep for a few hours in the Spartanette. Got into bed and set my alarm for 4 am.

Tim Heintz

TCT S.E. Rep.

1950 Spartanette Tandem

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