Mysterious Emblem

We were recently contacted by Motor Trend to see if we can help identify this emblem – if anyone has a clue, please respond to Alex Nishimoto – his contact information is listed below…


I found your club through a google search (I’m fascinated with its history, by the way), and thought perhaps you might be able to help me with this little mystery of mine. I’m a web editor for Motor Trend magazine, and I brought this badge (photos attached) into the office one day to see if any of the senior guys could identify it. So far, no one’s been able to find a positive match. I came across it while rummaging through a bin of old car parts at a swap meet. I purchased it thinking it belonged to a car, but now I suspect that may not be the case after all. Someone suggested it might have come off a motorhome. Do you or any members of your club recognize it? Any light you could shed on it would help greatly. Thanks in advance.


Alex Nishimoto

Associate Online Editor,



831 S. Douglas St.

El Segundo, CA 90245

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