Tin Can Tourists’ 2014 Winter Convention

Tin Can Tourists’ 2014 Winter Convention

February 23rd 2014

Brooksville, FL – Panama City, FL

I woke up quite early this morning, probably a bit anxious to get on the road and head home, hoping to have no trouble on the way home unlike on our trip down. I started to pack up most of our outdoor items, including all my parts and the golf cart onto the utility trailer that we pull behind the motorhome. At 8am I headed over to the pavilion were we were having breakfast. A few of the members pulled out quite early this morning, but most everyone else was still around. We got to stand around and talk and say our good byes. Every Rally seems to go by so fast, never long enough but it helps knowing the next rally will be just as fun!

By about 10 am we were all set to head out towards home. My parents would be following us in their little truck and I would be driving the Motorhome with the trailer in tow. The motorhome drove great with all new tires!! A few hours down the road I noticed my parents were not behind us anymore, so I slowed down a bit to see if they would catch back up to us. About the time I was getting concerned I noticed my cell phone was on silent and there were several missed calls.  I turned the cell phone back up at the same time it rang again, my mother was calling to let me know they had a front tire coming apart on the front of the truck and had pulled off the Interstate about 30 miles back! They had found a tire center and were going to get the front two tires replaced just to be safe. They told us to continue on as it would take us another 45 minutes to get back to them and by then they should be back on the road. So we continued on home running into hard rain not far up I-75. The rain continued all the way up I-75 and by the time we made it to I-10 it was starting to rain pretty heavy. We pulled over at a rest area not long after getting on I-10 and discovered it was getting cold outside; I even had to change from shorts to jeans. We continued down to interstate making taking our exit towards Panama City. By 4 pm we were pulling in at home and at the same time my parents called to tell us it took forever to get the tires changed and they were still about 4 hours behind us at this point. They finally got home around 8pm.

What a trip! No matter what kind of travel trouble I have, I am always looking forward to the next Tin Can Tourists Rally!!!!


Tim Heintz

Tin Can Tourists Southeastern Representative

1995 Fleetwood Flair

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