The Vintage RV Insurance Project

Tin Can Tourists has been very fortunate to have Hunt Jones serve TCT by writing informative articles regarding vintage trailer insurance coverage.

Hunt has an article in the upcoming spring edition of Tin Can Tales containing a step by step process to obtain an Agreed Value policy.

The information requested below is extremely important to TCT and those wishing to purchase such coverage. Competent appraisals are extremely important to the success of this insurance program.

The Vintage RV Insurance Project

We have excellent news to be released shortly concerning Agreed Value Physical Damage for your vintage trailer or motorhome.  This is a long awaited, much researched and requested type of coverage that has eluded us for decades.  Available from some insurance carriers for antique automobiles and trucks, it has not been offered for vintage recreational vehicles until now.  It is truly Agreed Value, not Actual Cash Value, and not Stated Value, but full coverage for the very amount as indicated on the appraisal document.  This means no arguments, no dickering, no third party umpire for either Comprehensive or Collision coverage should your rig suffer a total loss in an accident, fire, or tree/building collapse, etc.  The agency that is brokering this policy through four different insurance companies does require a written appraisal on business letterhead as well as interior and exterior photos.  The appraisal can be from an established RV restoration shop as well as those from certified appraisers the agency outsources.  The outsourced appraisal service is primarily for antique cars and trucks, though some have experience with vintage RV’s.  We want to augment that system with appraisals from business people in our own hobby, those who are familiar with restoration, maintenance, and vintage RV resale prices.  This list will be shared with the agency.  What we need from you is a personal recommendation of these vintage rv service businesses (not a listing of those found on-line or in print) and whether the owners are willing to perform an appraisal, for a fee of course, at their place of business or where the vintage rig is stored/parked or somewhere in between.  As the list grows and is shared, the comfort factor for us and the agency/insurance companies will increase, and the value of our rigs will be confirmed.

Please send the names/addresses of your referrals as soon as possible.  We want to take immediate advantage of this great opportunity.

Email the referrals to Forrest Bone Copy Hunt Jones

We will be working together to compile a complete list of recommended appraisal companies.

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