Tybee Island, GA TCT Rally – Saturday, April 26, 2014

The morning arrived sooner than expected.  A frenzy of polishing, sweeping and staging ensued.  The judges met for a meeting at 9:45 and proceeded to their designated sites to begin the painstaking process of picking the winners.

Mats photo
Ready for the public

Volunteers from 5 different charities arrived at 11am to set up for ticket sales.  All proceeds from the public open house were donated directly to those charities that sent volunteers.  We had an amazing turn out with some folks driving over 3 hours to come to the tour.  We sold over 600 tickets and raised over $3,000 for those charities that were working that day.  Tin Can Tourists made a huge impact on the Tybee Island Community and for that we are extremely proud.

At 6pm a vocal group specializing in 40’s 50’s and 60’s music arrived and began the entertainment.

Girlfriends Perform

Forrest Bone initiated all participants into the TCT family and lead us in the TCT song, sharing the handshake, secret sign and password.  We received our TCT pins and proudly wore them the rest of the night.


The group came back and continued their fantastic renditions of great vintage music while dinner was served.

Hammin it up
Stop in the Name of Love
Marv as leader of the pack
Marv – Leader of the Pack

After dinner the much awaited awards were announced followed by more music and celebrations.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the place when the group leader asked for a male volunteer to come up and help them with a song.  Sporting a leather jacket, an Elvis type head piece, Marv became the leader of the pack!  We promised him we wouldn’t share that photo but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity… we were all laughing!  There was lots of audience participation and everyone had a blast.

The Winners are!!!


Best Vintage – Pre 1959

Best vintage 50
Barb and Larry Kaughman
  1. Barb and Larry Kaughman (Clinton, TN) – 1948 Palace Royal
  2. Todd Emily (Athens, GA) – 1949 Palace Royal
  3. Kevin Barbato (Duncan, SC) – 1957 Spartan Imperial Mansion

Best Vintage – 1960’s

Best vintage 60
Anne & Randy McKinley
  1. Anne & Randy McKinley (Archer, FL) 1964 Serro Scotty Goucho
  2. Kelly Brown & Deana Gasbarro (Suwanee, GA) – 1967 Serro Scotty Sportsman
  3. Owen & Rita Bryson (Wittier, NC) – 1965 Zipper

Best Vintage – Post 1970

Best vintage 70
Jason & Kristy McVey
  1. Jason & Kristy McVey (Milner, GA) – 1971 Carriage Pullman
  2. Kelly Sloop (Wrightsville Beach, NC) – 1971 Shasta Compact
  3. Larry & Cindy Harrington (Fairview, NC) – 1979 Airstream / Sovereign Land Yacht

Best Site Display

Best display
1.Curtis & Kathy Plexico
  1. Curtis & Kathy Plexico (Union, SC) – 1973 Yellowstone
  2. Jason & Kristy McVey (Milner, GA) – 1971 Carriage Pullman
  3. Anne & Randy McKinley (Archer, FL) 1964 Serro Scotty Goucho

Fan Favorite – Public/Participant Vote

Fan Favorite
Todd Emily
  1. Todd Emily (Athens, GA) – 1949 Palace Royal
  2. Jason & Kristy McVey (Milner, GA) – 1971 Carriage Pullman
  3. Ted & Laura Ferriera (Marietta, GA) – 1937 Pierce Arrow

The evening concluded with a bit more music and dancing as our raffle winners were announced and door prizes were handed out.  Everyone went home with some great items. There were no late night campfires and comradery this evening as we were all exhausted and contemplating the journey home the next day.

On Sunday, we packed up and headed home most suffering from PRD (Post Rally Depression).   Until Next year folks!


Thanks to our professionals at Mason Street Photography for documenting the whole event

Rally Photos – http://www.masonstreetphotography.com/Hobbies/TCT-Rally/TCT-Tybee-Rally-2014/i-ktvFLGH/A

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