TCT Member Profile – Chad and Sandy Waller

Chad and Sandy Waller

We are Chad and Sandy Waller from Hendersonville,Tn. A suburb 15 miles north of Nashville. Chad works in the energy management dept at Vanderbilt university and I am a stay at home grand-mom. Last summer i got “a bee in my bonnet” for a vintage camper. I knew nothing about them, but i knew that i would know what i wanted when i saw it!☺ so i started looking on craigslist and after a fairly brief search found a 67 scotty in need of restoration. chad can take a bucket of bolts and turn it into a car, so i knew he could work his magic on my camper.
IMG_82223234044400 IMG_293811073176526It must’ve been love at first sight when we found somethin’ because we went to work and had her out in under 2 months for our 1st camping trip. 2 months later we put Somethin’in our hometown Christmas parade. We are having the time of our lives now, we’ve camped in the mountains and on the beach… sometimes we just go watch a movie in Somethin’ under our carport. It’s cozy and homey inside.

Trailer and tow vehicle

We have a 1967 Scotty sportsman. It’s 10 ft long  and weighs about 1000 lbs. During the restoration, i kept saying, “I’ve gotta name this camper somethin “. One day it hit me…i would name her Somethin’! And we think she  really is somethin’!!
We have a 1996 Nissan frontier truck for towing.  IMG_293749958022226


Where did you find your trailer?

We found our camper on craigslist and only 15 minutes from home.

When and who did the restoration?

IMG_293732013910097Chad did the restoration in less than 2 months…but he worked really fast in order to get it out camping before cold weather hit.  We bought it in July and went on our first trip in September 2013. The camper had good bones, but had water damage in both front and back ends. We replaced the ceiling, and rotten wood, cleaned, painted and decorated. We took out the gas cooktop and old icebox and added a small convection oven and mini fridge. We also installed a flat panel tv. Chad modified the storage door and installed an air conditioner on a track that we can slide in and out. The unit is under the bed.

What is unique or interesting about your trailer?

Our camper is a tiny canned ham style and decorated as we say “like grandmother’s kitchen.

What do you like about vintage trailers?

We love the charm of the vintage campers..especially the tiny canned hams. People we meet are drawn to them like we are, i think because of the nostalgia. We get thumbs up from other drivers when we’re going down the highway and people come up to us at the gas pump smiling and asking questions about somethin’!

Have you been to many rallies and what do you like about them?

We’ve been to one rally in Hiawasse, GA last may…really fun to see the other old campers.

What clubs do you belong to?

We became TCT members this summer.

Can you share an interesting bit of information that most people don’t know about yourself?

Most people don’t know that before we got somethin’,that we hadn’t done much camping. We can set her up, “glam”her, and be exploring the area in about 20 minutes as soon as we get to our campsite.

Anything you’d like to share?

It’s so gratifying to meet other campers and to hear the kind comments that they have about Somethin’. We are hooked and love to share our enthusiasm for “glamping”. It’s contagious my sister in law just bought a 1969 play mor and is in the process of restoration now.

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