TCT Member Profile – Meet Bob Bociek and Beverly Wolfe

Names and location

Bob Bociek and Beverly Wolfe, Alderson, WV

Trailer and tow vehicles

1992 Airstream Excella, 25′, 1995 Ford F250 XLT, 7.3L Diesel
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Where did you find your trailer/tow vehicle?

The trailer was found during an online search, previous owner delivered it to our place in Connecticut from Michigan on his way to Florida.  We wanted the Ford with a diesel and preferred 2 wheel drive to save some on the mileage.  Finding a 2 wheel drive in New England was next to impossible so we checked a dealer in Corinth Mississippi who had the exact vehicle we were in search of.  Mississippi? The back-story:  Bev’s originally from Corinth and we were heading that way in a few weeks to visit family.  We flew down, transport plate in hand, bought the truck, sacrificed the return tickets and drove it back.

When and who did the restoration?

We made the improvements to the trailer, (previous owner removed the flooring and installed hardwood.)  First was removing the twin beds, sealing leaks and re-skinning part of the under-belly.  We added a queen bed, replaced the damaged water heater, recovered the couch, made new curtains and pillows, painted the drab dark paneling to match the speckled roof and replaced the door hardware.  This year we had the truck freshened up, body work and a fresh coat of paint by a local garage.  We just completed the removal of the clearcoat from the trailer and are in the process of polishing her up.

What is unique or interesting about your trailer?

Outside of changing the bedroom floor plan, we covered the inside ceiling with antique travel post cards from our collection.

What do you like about vintage trailers?

Along with the look, (we don’t care much for the big-white-boxes) the Airstreams were built to last.  After 22 years it’s still a solid unit.  We’ve seen trailers half her age come apart at the seems.

Have you been to many rallies and what do you like about them?

None yet

What clubs do you belong to?

Just yours – the Tin Can Tourists

Can you share an interesting bit of information that most people don’t know about yourself?

We’ve been living in the rig since 2012 when we purchased the Greenbrier River Campground in Alderson, WV.  Bev left her post as director of legal operations at a fortune 500 company and I mine as managing arborist of a New York based tree care business; Connecticut office.  Had a part-time charter fishing business that we sold a few years before deciding on the campground purchase, ran it for 18 years aboard a 34′ Luhrs sportfish.  Many similarities between the boat and the RV once you get into the inner-workings of each.  We’ll be spending the winter in the rig in north east Florida again this year and getting back into the arts-and-crafts circuit with a side venture that’s Bev’s passion. No web site yet, on Facebook at:

Anything you’d like to share that wasn’t asked?

Recently purchased a 16′ Shasta, ’64 vintage that we’ll begin work on in the spring of 2015.  Once completed, we’ll put it down by the river as a rental unit at the campground and if it catches on as we believe it will, there’s room for two more.  Considering our Airstream as an onsite rental as well once we put in an owner’s quarters.  Tough decision though, not sure if we want a lot of guests in the place we called home…

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