Tin Can Tourist 2015-2016 Travel Calendar

The Tin Can Tourist 2015-2016 Travel Calendar is now available for sale!
If you are attending the Spring Gathering at Milford make sure you pick up your copy.  Last year they sold out quite quickly.
I want to thank everyone who submitted photos this season.  I had plenty of entries and the challenge again was to sort the best photos based on composition, resolution and trailer type.  Some years I will get a lot of very similar trailers and I try to keep some sense of variety in the calendar to reflect on the diversity of this all-brand club.  If your rig was not in this years edition please send it in again next year as it might be just right for the next mix.  This year I have a simpler, clean design, that is focused on bringing out the character of the vehicles and trailers and less on the graphics and layout.  I hope you will enjoy the next twelve months of beautiful vintage vacation vehicles.  Remember our calendars in TCT begin in June and run to the following May so don’t wait to get your copy.  After the Milford event they will be available on the website.
The following members are featured in the 2015-2016 Home Sweet Home Away From Home calendar.
Bryan Kaiser and Karen Mowry
Wayne Reynolds
Bill and Jackie Spycher
Doug Bachman and Steve Allen
Chris Wilson
Dominic and Laura Bertolini
Brandon and Liz Morrison
Dennis Hammar
Jim and Kathy Holcomb
Billie O’Neel
Nate and Angel Cook
Don Boehme
Happy trails! 
Michael Lambert

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