Mobile Barbershop


My name is Vanessa Morrison and I was referred to your group by a friend of mind. I’m working on a really cool project to bring a mobile barbershop (operating from the inside of an Airstream) to my community that I believe your followers may be interested in hearing about. 
The mobile barbershop is a local initiative creating opportunity to leverage and share the barbershop space with all — including the people who have trouble accessing it the most. The barbershop is more than just a place to get a simple cut and shave; its an experience that takes place in safe space where social interaction is fostered, mentorship is accessible, oral history is shared, and culture all coexist. We sought out this solution after observing the hardships that many individuals face when trying to get to this important space.
We are using a 1960 land yacht Airstream to convert in to the barbershop. It’s 26 ft long and needs a lot of TLC (pictures attached). We hope to get our project up and running by summer so we can help as many individuals as possible. 
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We’d love to share our story with your community and discuss more.
Thank you!

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