Tin Can Tourists Northeast Rally at Sampson State Park

by Hunt Jones

The eighth consecutive rally was again held on the beautiful shoreline of Seneca Lake of New York’s Sampson State Park over the long weekend of September 10-13, 2015.  All 54 spaces in Loop 2 were registered by members in a record 13 days, a testament to how popular this annual event has become.  TCT’s Northeast Representative Ed Moore, his wife Merriam, and a host of volunteers all make this a smooth running operation.  Several visitors asked why another loop’s spaces can’t be added.  The answer is logistics.  The Hall we rent for announcements, meals, and band (this year) seats about 150 persons.  Doubling that would necessitate two seatings, creating problems for meals/contests.

All manner of rigs began arriving on a glorious sunny Thursday, including small and larger hamcans, breadloaves, pop-ups, teardrops, eggs, and a homebuilt.  TCT members chose their spaces, set up, and began visiting prior to Thursday evening’s new member  inductions, announcements, and pizza/wine dinner in the Hall.  Hunt Jones’s presentation on the history of the American Diner capped the evening.  Friday morning brought a pancake breakfast, shopping at the TCT Store for clothing and club items, and vintage camping equipment displayed for sale at the annual flea market.  Many took to the road to visit the multitude of wineries and brewpubs, the Glenn Curtiss Museum, and downtown Watkins Glen where vintage racecars were parked all along Main Street.  The large tent in the infield hosted a Happy Hour Friday prior to dinner at the Hall which featured the annual contests for mac ‘n cheese, chili, and dessert.  Right after dinner, Hunt again made a Power Point presentation after dinner on Agreed Value Insurance for vintage and newer rigs along with a question/answer session. The weather held for the Friday night Lights Contest, but cloudy skies Saturday morning brought rain after breakfast which lasted all day and well into Sunday.  Sales of camping items were slow, but the public showed in force for Open House from 11-3, not only interested in the hobby but requesting TCT brochures for possible membership.  The evening meal consisted of potlucks and catered barbecued chicken halves which were so huge that some suspected the birds had been irradiated upon hatching.  Door prizes donated by Vintage Trailer Supply followed, Ed Moore announced the contest winners, and a concert by Paulson, Baker, Chappell wound up the night. A short Sunday breakfast and some last minute TCT store purchases were the prelude to hooking up and a fat and happy departure.  Thanks again to Ed, Merriam, and all our volunteers!

Contest Winners:

  • Joan Snook, Best Mac ‘n Cheese and Best Dessert
  • Joe Gilroy, Best Chili
  • Jim Snook, Best Lights
  • Gail Buck, People’s Choice (Best Rig)

Many rally pictures can be seen at Jeff Honig’s Flicker account here: