Northern Utah Trailer Rally 2015

Photos from the rally can be found here:

Our Fifth annual rally was a perfect weather weekend. It was open window in the day and closed at night with it getting to a nice Fourth-Three degree fall night.

We had a few people that showed up early and new folks showed up from Pocatello and Twin Falls, Boise and some from mid-Utah. A beautiful  upgraded 1964 Bambi and a Gray hound Motor coach named “ The Gypsy Queen” took the new show-up treat. A lLt L Loafer- antique dealer parked next to the “Queen” was a head turner.

The Friday Pot Luck had some great choices. During the feast, I asked if the members wanted to add events. All the votes were “No”. We will keep it simple, We’re just to self entertaining to add anything else.

Saturday’s open house was a good show up and I think that a few folks will drag their trailers out of the bushes and barns. The winner in that department went to a 1965 Fireball. I gave to a friend and for less  than a Hundred dollars turned it into a classic head turner.

Doc Mongo played Folk and R&R ballads Saturday night, while I served smoked on the site pork butts and Miss M’s homemade Cole Slaw, the kind that drips down to your elbow. The very near railroad track and passing train chimed in with the R&R ballad.

There were rumors that Crystal Hot springs were going to raise our rates and eliminate some spaces. This is true but not for our event. Next year it will still be $25.00 a day with three spaces gifted to us for Head Quarters and entertainment The fee for the Hot Pots will be raised to Four Dollars.

I want to thank all the folks that chipped into help set-up and tear-down. That made my weekend a pleasure. Adam, the owner praised us for being the most convenient, cleanest group that Crystal has. I will post the 2016 Notice later. Simply, Same place. Same Time. Same Rates.

Look for Crystal Hot Springs on the Travel Channel this spring. Members: Let’s look for an additional Rally Site.

Good Winter to All