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19th Annual Gathering update

In the two weeks since registration was open for the rally at Camp Dearborn in May We have received 180 registrations. At this time, there are very few spots available. So if you had any interest in attend, you need to get your registration in pronto!   No tags for […]

To polish or not to polish?

Vintage Trailer supply sells some excellent propane tanks but the question is – do you polish or paint yours? VTS’s version is more than bling. Lighter weight and no corrosion are two important benefits. Their aluminum tanks are the last you’ll ever need to buy.   Tags: Vintage Trailer

Want a painting of your trailer?

Justin Kolbe is an aspiring artist interested in vintage trailers. He offers original acrylic paintings of your personal trailers ranging in price from $75 to $100 depending on size. His paintings will also be available on in a variety of forms from t-shirts and travel mugs to prints and […]

1935 Airstream Torpedo FOR SALE

UPDATE – ~~~SOLD~~ SOLD~~SOLD~~SOLD~~~ The trailer was sold to a museum in Texas!   This trailer is THE 1935 Airstream Torpedo that is recognized by the Airstream Corporation as the oldest existing Airstream in the World! This trailer is truly a rare and one of a kind trailer whose entire history is […]


The Tin Can Tourists were given 5 books to give away to our members. The winners were drawn using random number generator. There was a lot of interest in the books with 277 entries. Details about the book can be found here The winners are: Terry Fleming – Michigan Debra […]

Relic Trailers Have you ever wanted a vintage-style trailer that was made with current materials?  Jayne Barocela is bringing this long lost idea into reality. It started when she stumbled across an unlikely craigslist advertisement.  A man acquired a warehouse in Michigan, what he found upstairs on the second floor was […]