Window Frame Cleaning 101

Window Frame Cleaning 101
by Dominick Bertolini – VTR

Ok so many folks have asked my process for getting your nasty corroded windows to like this.

First I purchase a product from Aircraft Spruce called Alumiprep 33.
Here is the link.…/cspages/alodine1001.php

Then I purchase two mortar mixing trays from Home Depo to clean the windows in. Do not use steel trays. The solution is corrosive.

One for the solution and one for water to rinse the parts. Dilute accordingly:
For heavy oxidation and corrosion removal dilute one part ALUMIPREP 33
with two parts water.

Immersion Application:
For each 100 parts of bath, add 25 parts of ALUMIPREP 33 to 75 parts

1)Remove windows from trailer.

2)Disassemble windows. Keep the window parts together. After I disassemble windows I tape them together and label them. As I restore them I do them individually and retape them together in between each step. Trust me it will save time in the long run trying to figure out which parts go where.

3)Clean all grease and dirt off parts first. The solution does not cut grease or dirt.

4)Make sure you where latex gloves. The solution is basically a low concentration of phosphoric acid so it may burn your skin if you have sensitive skin. My hands are like leather so it doesn’t bother me but more importantly this process basically chemically removes the aluminum oxide and leaves the parts in a pure aluminum state. Pure aluminum corrodes very quickly. The oils in your skin will cause them to corrode faster, so where gloves. A Respirator is really not necessary but wear one if you like.

5)Set parts in solution. Depending on the amount of corrosion will determine how long you keep then in the solution. I play it by ear. What is important is that you do not let the solution dry on the parts. They will get etched if the solution dries on them. I try to have enough solution so the parts are completely submersed. Unfortunately there is always one part that is to long and will not stay submersed. No worries just get a small plastic cup and keep solution on them. I like to multi task so I will usually go do something else while they are soaking. Like stripping paint off a Spartanette. Usually 10 to 15 minutes is enough. If the solution does dry on a part re soak
6) As part is soaking scrub with a nylon stiff bristle brush. I also scrub with 00 or 000 steel wool. the steel wool will get the parts to shine.

7)Rinse in fresh water and dry immediately. They will get water spots if you do not dry them. If your not happy will the end product repeat process again. Remember it’s not done right until it’s done twice.

8) Now if your crazy like me take never dull and polish. The results will be amazing. And the cool thing is it won’t take a lot of elbow grease either.
and the mechanisms will look great too Much better than you could ever get with a buffing wheel. And no black hands.

9) Now you need to Anodize the parts. In the condition the parts are in now they will begin to corrode relatively quickly. If you can’t anodize them right away don’t worry you can do it within a week or so just don’t store them in a damp place and don’t touch them with your bear hands.
Mix the Alodine 1001 according to data sheet. Make sure you get the Alodine 1001 they make a 1201 that is if you are going to paint your parts. The 1201 will leave the part with a green tint.

10)Soak the part for apron 3 to 4 minutes making sure the parts has been completely covered. You will see the solution start to bead like wax on a car. Pretty cool.

11)Rinse with water and dry. Reassemble windows and install.

And there you go beautiful looking windows. Oh and get your self a few gallon jugs and save the mixture so when your TCT friends see how beautiful your windows look you can just give them the stutf you bought and save them 60 bucks or so. Oh and let them use the trays you bought at Home Depo too.
So the next your in their garage and you see a Bargman Door handle you need you can get a good deal on it. If anyone has anything to ad feel free and Happy Glamping


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  1. Dom-Thank you for the tips. I have plenty of window frames to clean for my ’63 Oasis. How far will one bottle take me?

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