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1934 Silverdome 18’ Restored WITH self-contained shower / toilet
Themed as:

“The Good Life”

Imagine it is 1934. The 1929 Depression and Wall Street crash just ended. The country is trying its best to recover from the worst financial crisis in the history of the United States. A big percentage of the country is out of work. There are homeless people everywhere. There are bread lines in some places for the fortunate few who are able to find them. Most of the country does not own a car…let alone a vacation trailer. Pension plans, paid retirement, paid holidays, Social Security, vacation days…NONE of this has been invented yet. People did not trust the banks or any financial institution because of the market crash. This was not a great time to be living.

But your name is famous! You are up the “pecking order” sharing space with Howard Hughes, Greta Garbo, Bing Crosby, Fred Estaire and United States Presidents!!

You and the rest of these people are famous AND rich! You CAN afford a car! You CAN afford a new Packard, a new Cadillac, a new Pierce Arrow AND you can afford a vacation travel trailer!!

You have your own driver / butler / cook hook up your new 1934 Silverdome to your new 1934 Packard, pack up your camping gear and drive you to your yet undiscovered “river of solitude” away from all the crowds and your admiring fans. Because laws haven’t been passed yet about riding in the back of trailers while being towed you are being gently jostled in back sipping your favorite martini. Ahhhhh… the Good Life!!

Now, still imagine that you own this 1934 Silverdome and are a member of the privileged few…just like, “back in the day”. Oh, did I mention that there may be only ONE Silverdome still surviving in the entire USA? Now that’s rare. So … imagine…

Back to the present…this is a 2 year restoration updating everything. Back in the day, there were no showers, toilets, running water or holding tanks. Now this beauty has a FULLY self-contained shower, toilet and lighting. You can be in the middle of nowhere and still cook, enjoy a cold beverage, turn on the whisper quiet A/C WITHOUT turning on a noisy generator (I can’t even do that in my 40’ diesel pusher motor home), take a hot shower, watch TV, “spin some vinyl”, turn on the fireplace and live BETTER than even Howard Hughes did “back in the day”. So let’s keep reading as to what this NEW 1934 Silverdome offers the discriminating buyer.


– Open floor plan that is very eye pleasing
– Solid new subfloor
– No rain leaks
– New studs, oak entry door and exterior aluminum
– new NOS (new old stock) 1940’s casino carpeting
– Luxurious and high end, solid cherry and zebra mahogany exotic wood cabinets
– New cabinets
– New plumbing with running water
– New 110v / 12v electrical
– New reproduction 1920’s push button / dimmer light switches
– New 2000 / 4000 inverter
– New 25 Gal fresh water tank
– New 5 gal toilet black tank
– New 20 gal gray sink / shower tank
– New battery charger, 110v breaker box, 12v fuse box
– New custom, one-of-a-kind shower / toilet
– New custom bathroom door with reproduction1880’s door hardware and vintage brass porthole
– 1920’s restored sconces (4)
– New 110v retro fridge / freezer
– New 110v retro microwave
– Wired for cable TV and 12v charging stations everywhere
– New vintage style 110v fireplace / heater
– New wall insulation
– New subfloor
– New 12v stainless marine grade LED ceiling light (4)
– New motion detected, LED lighting in every closet and cabinet (total of 10)


– New custom side aluminum skin
– New VERY high end “Candy Apple Red” show car paint job
– New “Rhino Liner” roof coating only a LOT thicker with a manufacturer lifetime warranty against leaking / fading or peeling
– New custom axle and electric brakes
– New custom axle suspension system
– New custom “one off” custom chrome wire wheels (2)
– New 4” wide, white wall tires
– New spare tire / rim
– New or restored working LED running / brakes / turn lights
– Running lights can be switched on remotely without tow vehicle attached. Looks beautiful at night when trailer is parked.
– New art deco chrome LED porch light
– New leveling jacks (4) that are strong enough to lift trailer to change a flat tire
– New exterior aluminum polish
– Custom front “smoothie” tongue adding to the custom look
– Custom built rear trunk utilizing marine grade stainless hinges
– 1948 Packard locking chrome door handles on trunk and entry door
– Custom built entry screen door
– All windows disassembled, rebuilt and painted with car paint and new weatherproofing gaskets
– All window screens are new Brass screen, not cheap aluminum
– New propane plumbing, tank and regulator
– Currently registered and titled in my name in California
– Price, pics and specs can be seen at https://1934silverdomerestored.shutterfly.com/

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