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Contact Tocratparts
: 4082063549
: $ 45.00
Sunnyvale, ca
Common carrier ground shipping is std., delivery In most cases not available although local pick-up may be possible.
More Information
Buyer will receive exact item as imaged, items for sale are imaged separately.
Any images showing part usage marked reference only are just that.
Buyer must do due diligence to determine final part usage,
Support is nice unique decorative feature available only in a few trailer models
LANDMARK for one, early 70's and in the pickup partner applications it acts as the base stop of
a fully deployed fold out bunk bed, this unit has the bunk bed features, easy mod to trailer version!

Straight, all mounting locations intact, minor paint surface scuffs,
Mfg.cast quality about avg,

Weight: item 11.5 lbs, [packaged will be slightly higher]
Color: Original Drk Green [interior's scheme was avocado]
L overall: 42"
W: 8"
H at body: 3/4" at shelf: 2"
Bunk Support center shelf surface to base: 21 1/2"
Top bracket mounting hole center to base: 41 3/4"

Items ship UPS ground, protective packaged and in most cases overly so.
Costs are in general the actual quoted price from the carrier system based on buyers address.
Providing a commercial ship to address can save 10-30% vs. a residential one. Currently freight
industry pricing is running high so other options might be considered on a case by case basis

Payment: PayPal, Money Order
Returns: Full $ refund [- ship]
Thank y
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