Vintage Trailer

Cost of Shipping

Have you ever wanted to buy or sell a vintage trailer and then thought about how you would ship the trailer? The team at ConsumerAffairs created an article on the cost of shipping a car. Much of what applies to shipping a car applies to shipping a vintage trailer. They have a section […]

Vintage Trailer Key Chains

Rene Perret does custom vintage trailer key chains that we think you’ll love! You need to  specify Trailer make (This will be printed on the front), Color choices are: Turquoise with Black or white lettering Red with Black or white lettering Orange with Black or white lettering Black with White lettering […]

Is it a Vintage ‘Trailer’ or a Vintage ‘House Trailer’ or a Vintage ‘Mobile home’ or a vintage ‘Trailer Coach’?

By Tim Heintz (History Lesson 🙂 ) I have been getting a lot of messages and emails asking what the difference between a vintage ‘Trailer’, Vintage ‘House Trailer’, Vintage ‘Mobile home’, vintage ‘Trailer Coach’? Well basically historically they were all the SAME THING…..simply put….TRAILERS. Even the industry was unsure if […]

Photo Contest voting is now open

The Photo Contest voting is now open. Place your votes for your favorite vintage trailer images. We have almost 80 images in 6 categories, so take a look at images in all the categories: Silver Palaces – for Aluminum riveted trailers Mobile Mansions – for trailers and RVs 20ft and […]

Featured Classified Ad: 1953 Little Caesar 11′ travel trailer and 1953 Chevy 1/2 ton pickup truck

One of the nicest combo’s in America. This combo has won awards at every rally it has attended! 1953 Little Caesar 11′ travel trailer and 1953 Chevy 1/2 ton pickup truck. Quantity Views Date Posted 1 0 Fri November 25, 2016 Asking Price Shipping Amount Condition $60,000.00 None Excellent […]

Giveaway Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the November give away Winners of the random drawing are: Joan Baldwin – Color Me a Happy Camper Scott Fitswater – Trailer Trash and Proud of it bumper sticker Kathy Maat Roth – Trailer Trash and Proud of it bumper sticker Doreen Brannan – Trailer Trash and […]

Trailer Towing Safety

Trailer Towing Safety Interested in a comprehensive resource for trailer towing safety, here are a couple websites that are excellent resources and cover almost all of the common concerns and questions: These websites have a wealth of updated comprehensive information. Towing Ratings Having the correct two vehicle and […]

Featured Classified Ad: 1947 Aluminum Trailer Co. Trailer

Unique 1940’s style canned ham. Here is the full advertisement: Description: Hi, I am selling my vintage travel trailer. It is a 1947 Aluminum Trailer Co. Trailer, built in Burbank just after WWII. Built solid and tough. It is a head turner. Solid engineering. Great shape. It has been extensively […]

Vintage Trailer Decals

Do you need a decal for your trailer? Contact and either they have it in stock or can reproduce the decal for you! Vintage Trailer Decals Quantity Views Date Posted 1 100 Fri October 14, 2016 Asking Price Shipping Amount Condition Best Offer None Excellent Description: I have the largest collection […]

Tin Can Tourists History Presentation

Here is a presentation on the history of the Tin Can Tourists Club Notes for the Slides: 1. Tin Can Tourists Forrest & Jeri Bone 2. Credits: Florida History Museum Orange County Museum (Orlando) Florida Library & Information Services History Wired – Smithsonian Library of Congress Mr. […]

2016 TCT North East Rally by Hunt Jones 1

In western NY State, eleven long and narrow “finger lakes” sit side-by-side in a north-south direction.  For 325 million years, this area was part of a large inland sea.  Subsequently, through geological uplift, the sea drained south as great gaps appeared, eventually covered by glaciers that carved the drainage river […]