Regional Representatives

TCT Regional Representatives

TCT has grown to the point that Jeri and Forrest felt we could better serve our membership through an organizational pattern that would include volunteer Regional and State Representatives. The Representatives are being asked to develop activities in their geographical region and serve as a sounding board for ideas concerning TCT events and policies. It is our goal to develop a major Gathering in each area. Gathering attendees can then develop additional activities through the Regional Representative.

TCT Representative responsibilities include:

  • Grow the membership within their region and/or state
  • Insure that the TCT guiding principals are adhered to by our members at rallies or in TCT venues: Our guiding principles are clean camps, friendliness among campers, decent behavior and to secure plenty of clean, wholesome entertainment for those in camp.
  • Representatives are role models to our members and set examples for others to follow at our events and in TCT forums
  • Provide guidance and coordination for members and campgrounds wishing to host a TCT gathering
  • Collaborate with other representatives on events and activities
  • Provide consistency in Tin Can Tourists activities, logos, images, etc.
  • Leverage the Tin Can Tourists membership FUNd (a percentage of membership fees) to help rallies and activities with their needs not covered by rally fees.
  • Communicate events to TCT leaders & membership. Leverage the facebook groups, website and newsletters. Submit articles for the website and newsletters. Assistance in managing the facebook groups and other social media.

Forrest and Jeri Bone: Royal Exalted Tin Can Opener and Royal Exalted First Lady

Mailing address: 4 High Street, Bradenton, Florida 34208
Summer April to October: PO Box 489, Gregory, Michigan 48137

Our Regional Representatives are:

Terry and Michelle Bone: Mid-States Regional Representatives

Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Arkansas.
Hi Tin Can Tourists! The younger generation of the Bone’s are proud represent the Midwest. We work and live in Michigan and we camp as much as we can in the surrounding states. We’ve been part of the TCT club since 1998 when the club was renewed and have owned four vintage trailers. Our current trailer is a 1957 Avion Regal and is considered the oldest Avion on the road. The Cayo family restored it and believe it was likely a prototype that carried the Romany name before it was changed to Avion. Terry runs the TCT website and the social media outlets. Michelle is head of security for the TCT. If anyone in the states I represent would like to assist in putting on a TCT rally, I’d be happy to help. I’ve helped many of the regions get started and have developed a lot of information around rallies and how to hold a successful one.

Ron Baumgarten and Shannon Rozell – Michigan State Representative:


We are very pleased to announce the addition of Ron Baumgarten and Shannon Rozell as the state representatives of Michigan. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the leadership group. TCT has been fortunate to have a group of regional and state representatives that are friendly, energetic, and enthusiastic. Ron and Shannon have been great supporters of TCT and will be a valuable addition to the leadership group. They will be working closely with Terry Bone, the mid-states representative, assisting current event hosts and the development of additional TCT events in Michigan.


Ed Moore – Northeast Regional Representative:

New York, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Delaware, Washington DC, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and New Jersey
Hello! My name is Ed Moore and I have a need to save old “Stuff”. I live in Forestport, NY about 40 miles from where I grew up in Camden, New York. I have a Master’s Degree in Education from the State University of New York at Oswego. I taught Technology Education (Industrial Arts) for seven years before changing professions to working with developmentally disabled individuals. I have been involved with vintage campers since purchasing a 1965 Scotty Sportsman about 5 years ago. My significant other Miriam Doud assisted with an Americana theme since the inside was gutted and we purchased it on the 4th of July. As my family grew to two children, so did our need for space. I was fortunate (Some may say unfortunate) to find a 1946 Spartan Manor in need of major repair (A tree fell on it about 20 years ago). It took me two years to repair the structure and rebuild the inside to a usable trailer again. My family and I have attended 4 out the 6 Northeast Rallies and anticipate it each year. I look forward to seeing our old friends and making some new ones around the camp fires to come.

Watt “Orbie” Mungall – Northwest Regional Representative:

Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Alaska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Utah
Email: or call 435-730-3840
Watt grew up in the Blue Ridge Mts. of South Carolina. He spent 30 years working at various jobs associated with the oil and gas industry, living in 38 different states during his career. After retirement, he moved to Willard Utah, which is 50 miles north of Salt Lake City. In 2000 Watt and his wife, Mary Jane, decided to find a tear drop, but ended up buying a 1947 Boles Aero . Their first trip in 2001 took them to Laughlin, NV, where we met Don and Jeanette Boles who autographed the “Shinny Hinny” in the closet door. The bug had bitten and they have ended up with the following: 1947 Boles Aero; 1951 Boles Aero; 1951 Silver Streak; 1965 Barth; 1951 Home built; and the last is a 1947 Boles Aero, that is final stages of restoration. Over the years ,Watt took note that his area was the, “hole of the donut”, having no rally’s that were anywhere close, therefore he decided it was time to have one. Check the Rally listing for Watts Up-By the Bay – Willard, Utah.

Tim Heintz – Southeast Regional Representative:

West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana
Heintz Designs Vintage Trailer Restorations

Karen Campbell – Southwest Regional Representative:

Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Hawaii and California

Teresa Baldwin – Texas State Representative


My name is Teresa Baldwin and I love vintage campers. I was bitten by the bug a few years back. I started out referbushing old farm houses when I lived in Michigan. I moved to Texas in 1996. When I was able to quit working full time, I picked up our first camper. It was almost 6 hours away. It’s funny now, but not then, that during the drive home the lower front of the camper started to unhook from the sides when we were about half way to the house. Thank goodness for duct tape, it really came in handy. LOL! I rebuilt the front and back of the camper. I have restored aapproximately 14 campers since then. I currently have 3 campers and 2 of them are vintage. A 1955 Dalton Apache that I rebuilt from the frame up and a 1954 canned ham whose identification is unknown. My passions are photography, restoring /refurbushing vintage campers and the love of animals. Though I haven’t been a member of the TCT group for very long, I am so very proud to be your TCT state representative for Texas. I hope you will be able to join us for one of our rally’s! See you soon.

Rick Myer, Eastern Canada

Gerry & Susan Measures – Vancouver, BC, Western Canada

Lexie Kensington & Charon Henning: TCT Representatives at Large:
Lexie Kensington and Charon (Say it: Karen) Henning met in the Fall of 2003 as fellow Sword Swallowers working thrill shows and carnival lots all over the country. It was in this gypsy like life-style that they fell in love with each other and the joys of being trailerites. Lexie is a former commercial photographer, who ran away with the circus when serving the corporate advertising game lost ground to the internet, and Charon is a much sought after Tattoo Artist working a circuit of high end tattoo studios around the country. She hold a BA from Prince George’s Community College and a BA from George Mason University in Fairfax VA. Alex has BA from Butler University In Indianapolis, and a BMS in Mortuary Science from the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science. Together they have been full timing in a 1966 Airstream since 1 October 2009 and will complete a second 1966 Airstream this fall. They have been members since 2002 and have performed their Comedy Thrill Show at several TCT functions in Florida and Michigan. They hold and embrace the traditions, philosophy, and heritage of the Tin Can Tourists as describe in David Thornberg’s “Galloping Bungalows” and as experienced around campfires, on highways and anywhere travelers seek fun, and adventure. The More We Get Together, The Happier We’ll Be.

Hunt Jones (Susan) – TCT Representative at Large

  • Mountain Lakes NJ
  • Braden Castle Park FL
  • Anywhere in the lower 48’s
  • Usually found: under the hood
  • TCT Member since 2001
  • Towing vintage with vintage since 1997 (13K miles/year)
  • Motto #1: “Noise to some, Music to others” (exhaust note)
  • Motto #2: “Never pass by a beater tavern”


Dal Smilie – TCT Representative at Large

My Father and his parents spent a lot of WWII living in areas where there were large war construction projects. My Grandfather figured bids and supervised the plumbing and heating aspects of those jobs. For a while he ran the entire construction project at Oak Ridge, TN which was part of the Manhattan Project. My Father ran blueprints for the job as a Summer job during college. Of course it was all top secret. Still have his ration book. I came along after that war but they still had the trailer and used it as he supervised the construction of power plants and such. By the early ’70s they spent part of their retirement in a Holiday Rambler in Ft Myers. My maternal Grandmother spent a good bit of time in her Holiday Rambler in Florida also. I camped as a kid in Boy Scouts and in various forts we had built on open lots in the neighborhood. We did a lot of tent, car and motorcycle/tent camping over time. Now its in our 1949 Curtis Wright Clipper or 1972 Cayo Motovator. No meal tastes better than those you make or share while camping. For quite a while I had an aversion to pulling a trailer. We tried to haul our racebikes for years in the back of a truck or van to avoid backing, parking and so on. But while attending a large vintage motorcycle meet in Del Mar, CA I saw a group of about five couples who not only had their vintage motorcycles but also vintage travel trailers and vintage tow rigs. And they all looked happy, sitting in their vintage lawn chairs. I’ve kept in touch with Vince Martinico who was one of those who got us started with vintage trailers. We started looking and found our 1949 Model 5 Curtis Wright Clipper about eighteen years ago. Sitting out in the desert outside of Palm Desert, CA. It was painted green, had a swamp cooler on top, door off, some windows out, with 1961 tags. The owner was ready to deal and we packed the bearings, bought tires and rigged lights and towed it home. We have probably towed it about 40,000 miles since then. We also have a 1972 Cayo Motovator. That is a Class C RV built on a Dodge van chassis with only 21,000 miles on it. The Cayo family had built Avion until they sold it in 1971. The new company did not want to build their classic pickup campers so they continued those under the “Cayo” name. Then they built a larger version and called it the Motovator. We have serial #5. This unit was built a couple of weeks before I went to Viet Nam in 1971 and while the Cayo seems new, going to Viet Nam seems like a long time ago to me. The dogs and us probably camp about 45 nights a year in our vintage rigs. I currently work part time with homeless veterans in Helena, MT. A rewarding retirement job where I have learned a lot. Jane has taken a job running the Deschutes County Health Department in Bend, OR so I commute back and forth. We hosted the TCT Fiddler’s Picnic Vintage Rally on the Mercier Ranch South of Livingston, MT the last two years. In August of 2015 we will host the TCT Bend Classic Vintage Trailer Rally in Bend, OR (come on over to it!) The entire proceeds of each rally were contributions to either the group that put on the Fiddlers Picnic itself, an acoustic roots music jam, or this year to the J Bar J Youth Ranch where the rally will be held. Vintage camping is great fun. Being at a rally, volunteering at or hosting one is even more fun. Even more fun is towing with a period tow vehicle. You can’t get out of a gas station or into a campground without getting swarmed by interested folks, a great way to spread the vintage camping message. We found ourselves utilizing the Tin Can Tourist site quite a bit. After awhile it just seemed wrong being free riders on the site and we joined eight or so years ago to help support this great organization they have breathed new life into. Since the Curtis was designed and built by Wally Byam (and Curtis Wright) who is the man behind Airstream we also belong to the Vintage Airstream Club. And the Rolling Oldies Vintage Trailer group in Oregon. Great organizations, all.

TCT International Representatives

Trish Martin – Australia

My husband Dave and I are musicians and have a duo called “Leather and Lace”, Dave is a cabinet maker and works for the local shire council, we have three daughters aged 15, 13 and 9 and live in an old Hotel in country Victoria, Australia. We are renovating the old pub and it isn’t open for business and hasn’t been for some time, it is 140 years of age.
I have always had a love for caravans and currently have three old ones: 1970 Travel Home DeLuxe, an old English Fairholme Romeo from the 1950’s and the other a Hawthorn built in Hawthorn Melbourne in the 1940’s. A few others have came to us and been sold on to other enthusiasts who proudly tow them behind their vintage vehicles. I would love to give your members an Australian perspective and show you vintage caravans that I come across, we live in a very beautiful and unspoiled area of the country and I always feel proud to share that with others. I feel honored to be a representative for Australia.

René Leenders – Netherlands

My name is René Leenders, 48 years old, father of 2 beautiful sons and known in this part of the world as Mr. Airstream. Back in 1999 I owned a catering- and event business who was looking for something special to promote my company. I ended up with the Tin Can Trailers as I thought back then that every US Travel trailer looked like that. It became quite a journey trying to find out how to import one of those shiny trailers and to become familiar with the huge differences between the US spec travel trailers and the European ones. Internet was not as well spread as it is today. In fact the TCT site was one of the few providing some information. The Airstream plant did not even have a website back then.
To share my experience with the rest of the world I started a small website called and that is how I became “famous” in the world of aluminum travel trailers here. I imported and converted a lot of Vintage trailers and started my own business in renting them out. In 2008 I was then approached by Airstream to become an official dealer for their European spec Airstream models. The Rental & Vintage business was then broadened to what it is today with . Our client base is continental Europe with clients from The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Denmark, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. We learned this business the “trial and error” way and with an 11 year experience we know our ways.
The business does not only include Airstream. We also serve other brands provided they give the Tin Can feeling or add something to the camping experience not available in Europe. We are selling teardrop trailers of our own brand FunTear and will soon release the FunTear Retro – a new 1950’s inspired aluminum travel trailer. Our showroom has been given the name “American Caravan Center”. The word caravan in the UK and Europe means travel trailer (not what it means in the US)
The install base of Tin Cans in the Benelux has now come to a point of almost 300 trailers. I guess now is the time to start a local unit of TCT. There is going to be a rally from the UK via Belgium to The Netherlands on June 17 expected to be the largest one of all so far with 50 participants.

Hiroshi Okamoto; Japan Representative


Click here to watch Hiroshi’s airstream conversion

TCT Support Staff

Michael Lambert: Graphics Extrodinaire and V.P. of Calendar production

Michael is an artist and art educator and musician living the dream in retro-ranch heaven with his vintage bride Tina in St. Thomas, Ontario.
His websites are:, for art and design or for his 50’s/60’s show band Frankie and the Fairlanes.


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